Wednesday, 4 January 2012

TW - Steps Taken To Complete Our Product - So Far

  • Shot practice footage 2 times and received feedback for one piece, we are awaiting feedback for the latest piece we have shot.
  • For research into digipak creation, Rob Shaw has kindly allowed us to borrow some of the digipaks he owns. This will be helpful as the genre of these music digipaks is similar to ours.
  • For research into magazine advertisements we have begun to look at some magazines such as NME as they tend to cover bands in the genre of The Swing Movement.
  • As of Sunday evening, we have filmed all the Performance footage we have needed for our final cut.
  • We have taken into consideration cast, location, target audience, and insight into our chosen band before we shoot our final Narrative footage for the video.
  • 6 podcasts out of the required 8, this will be rectified to the full 8 soon (see schedule post)
  • Plenty of audience feedback to finally come to a good idea for the video and track.

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  1. long post title!
    'To Get To The Finished Product ' is not needed


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