Tuesday, 10 January 2012

TW - Digipak Analysis 4 - Linkin Park - Road To Revolution

There is a parental advisory logo at the bottom left of the screen.
Background is murky/broken and grey-ed - posibly newspaper print as some text and images can be seen.
Red/Burgundy logo with the band's name at the top, in the same colour. This logo takes up almost all of the front cover, and is the only image in the foreground.

Same background, murky effect used.
Red/Burgundy colour used for another band logo image, and the track list.
Black and white at the bottom for DVD logos and information.

Inner Panel
Cross shot of the band and album name on the left of the panel, this is faded into a picture of the set and looking into the audience, at the Milton Keynes venue in which they played this album.
This once again incorporates the murky grey-ed background.

Middle Panel
Logo is on the left panel, again in the forefront of a green-ish background, the log is in black.
The other panels are also this murky green colour in background.
There appears to be black drips on some panels in the background, most notably the right panel.
Also appears to be tearing away in some areas, this effect works well and aid the theory that the background is intended to be some type of newspaper print.

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