Thursday, 23 February 2012

GG - Attracting to our target audience

In the post I am going to look at hour,in our third rough cut, we have used locations, clothing, actions etc..  to help appeal to our primary target audience of 15-24. 

With the narrative being based around a relationship, it is around this age where romance starts playing a big role in someones life. People experience break-ups and can relate to the experience viewed on screen. This also helps us appeal to our secondary audience, females, through the use of a 'rom-com' like genre being used. One of the clothing codes we decided on was for the female to be wearing a red jacket in the first scenario. After playing around with colouring and layering whilst editing, I managed to make the jacket significantly stand out. The idea was to make it signify romance and love, thus further linking it to our secondary audience.

We filming both our actors, I asked them to act as if I wasn't there, then I went around filming them from a range of different angles. This makes the shots more believable, as if they are closely connected to one another.  

We used two actors for the narrative within this age gap, although as you can see we try to avoid showing to much of them on screen to help create a narrative enigma. 

Overall, I believe that we have managed to attracting our target audience well. There is still work that needs to be done whilst editing but after that I believe our main/primary target audience will be ableto ralte closely to the video. 

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

TW - Magazine Ad - Plans

For our magazine advert, we have decided to incorporate some of our plans for our digipak, which is using the image of the swing, as this shot can be very distinctive, eye catching and unusual, which would meet a trend of distinctive images used in alternative genre music advertisements. (see Arctic Monkeys and Hard Fi early analysis).

The swing would be in an environment highlighted in my Replica blog post, and would be the only thing on the advertisement, except for band name, album title and possibly an 'includes' sticker/snippet in order to give the album more of a selling point. It would also include the production logos and copyright logos in a corner so they don't attract too much attention but are still visible in the advertisement.

TW - Filming

We managed to film everything we needed on Monday 20th February to have a new rough cut available for audience feedback. We expect the rough cut to be completed soon and screened for feedback approximately on Thursday.

Sunday, 19 February 2012

TW - Filming Schedule - Update

We plan to film on Monday 20th February. This is because during the holiday all of the group and cast could not film at the same time, so this was the only day we could do. We hope to get everything filmed for a full rough cut and possibly the final cut itself.

Saturday, 18 February 2012

TW - Magazine Ad Analysis 2 - Hard Fi

This magazine ad is for Hard Fi's album, entitled Once Upon A Time In The West. The album was released almost 5 years ago, therefore is a fairly recent advertisement, and will likely use conventions that are still true to the alternative genre of advertisements.

This advertisement is especially helpful because it has one central drawing point, much like our planned advertisement. The drawing point for this particular ad is the use of a commonly used statement on the internet when an image is unable to load, except it would simply say 'Image Not Available'. This is a reflection of the advancement of media and technology in our society, especially the use of the internet, where that sentence can be found.

Below the simple yet attracting statement, is the band name, album title and release date, all in black, which is contrast to the white colour of the main sentence. These words are in lower font, and centered, similar to the main sentence.
Underneath this they have in a less bold font, a popular track they have released as a selling point for people who appreciate their music, and further below that, there is a web link to the band's website, integrating other aspects of internet advancements, with the production company logo in the bottom right, to make it visible, yet less eye catching than the desired aspects of the advertisement.

Friday, 10 February 2012

TW - Replica Location Shots

These photos bear a strong resemblance to the type of environment and frame we would like to capture for our magazine ads and digipak. The only exception is that we may not take the shot from tis particular angle, and we may also tweak the range of the shot, as it could be considered a little to close, and too much is focus is on the swing, not on the environment behind, which is what we also want to incorporate.

GG - Filming plan

Me and Tom have decided to re-shoot our narrative storyline on Monday 13th Feb. Because this is during half term we will be able to shoot all day giving us plenty of time to perfect our chosen shots. We will then have all week to edit it on imovie then bring it into school on wednesday or thursday to finish off the editing on final cut. We hope that we will finish all of our filming during half term and then we can hopefully have a near to finished product.

Here is a link to a blog post of what we are going to film:

TW - Schedule For Half Term

For half term we plan to film more narrative footage and have a new rough cut to show either on the Wednesday or Thursday of the holidays, or when we return to school after the week off.

Simliar shot to what we are aiming for
We are also looking to take shots of what we hope to be the front and back cover of our digipak, and also the backdrop to some of our magazine ads. The setting is a desolate area, most likely in black and white, with a single swing, possibly with a rural environment behind it. As you can see, this is the type of shot we will be looking for, except we will take it from a range of angles in order to gain the best perspective and framing for our work.

Thursday, 9 February 2012

TW - Digipak- Booklet 3 Shot

A possible idea we are thinking about for the digipak booklet is to merge shots within shots, so that each band member has essentially one photo dedicated to them in which they are performing and posing. This can be done by cropping them out of other photos, and simply reducing the opacity of the image, so they appear transparent when seen in the final image.

Using photoshop to crop the images out

Possible outcome for booklet photo

GG - Digipak work

Here are some images I have done for our digipak. We plan to put them into photoshop and then using the 'opacity' tool put each member of the bands face over the instrument they play. 

GG - Magazine Ad - The Swing Movement (Practice)

Here is one of my practice attempts at making a magazine ad. I completed it on word put plan to do the final one of photoshop.

GG - Final digipak idea

After plenty of planning and research I have decided on a final idea for our digipak. We show use of ICT skills and links to our genre.

We have decided to have to outer and two inner panels. On the inner panels we are having a disk tray with an image behind it on one side, and a sleeve with a booklet in it on the other.

For both our front outside panel we have decided to have an image of a person sat on a swing in a derelict area. We will then apply a blurred image effect with 5 different layers. (See image) We will also have the band name and album name on the front.

We plan to also have this on the back panel as well, although it will be a revered image from the back, we will include the same effect. We will include a list of songs, copyright proof and a record label image as well. With both of these images we will also play around with colour, putting in different tints of colour to add to the effect.

On the two inside panels we have decided to have four main images spread on the right hand side panel. These images will be of each band member, but we will play with the opacity and insert images of the instruments they play, and a face of the band member who plays the image. We will then have an inside sleeve which will have a jigsaw image on front with band information included inside the booklet. On the left hand side of the booklet we will have a disk holder with the CD, there will be a jigsaw image behind this.

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

TW - Digipak - Inner Panels - Draft Idea

Here is a draft idea of our plan for the inner panel of the digipak. It is only one of 4 instrument and band shots, however the draft simply shows a drum head, which we will use, and a bad member. The band member does not actually play the drums, he plays the guitar, however as this is only a draft, this is just to show initial ideas.

TW - Viral Ad Campaign

For our advertisement task, I decided to take a viral route for one of our ads, as viral marketing has become increasingly popular and it's use is now profound in today's media.
Initial draft
Our viral ad, uses a QR code that can be scanned from smart phones, and the scan will take you to a youtube link,  that shows the performance cut of the song, 'Jigsaw'. This is because the performance draft has been competed, so we can showcase it in it's entirety before we incorporate our narrative shots.

Designing the Ad, I decided to take a route opened up from the name of the song, and use a Jigsaw piece. I used a jigsaw puzzle template, then left some pieces that were needed as white, with the remaining pieces in black, seemingly not there. I then added the track title, and the band name, as you can see, over a black background, in white, so that it appeared white on black on white, in terms of layering. This however looked too basic, and was neither complex enough to be magazine ad, nor simple enough to be an interesting viral ad.

I then changed my idea, and used the one jigsaw piece, and instead of any words, i placed simply the QR code in the jigsaw piece, with the black background highlighting the white jigsaw piece.

The jigsaw track name remains, and the QR code provides people to instantly scan, as the ad is very hard to depict without using it. The basic black and white colour scheme draws the eye, and if needed, the background could even change to other colours, and perhaps have the same shot 4 times in a window style.

Completed viral ad