Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Progress Report: What I Have Learnt So Far

  • Fish Eye Lens - This camera is very useful when trying to show things may be a bit out of the normal in the shot you are trying to film.
  • Snori Cam - This is perfect for movement shots to caption close ups that can highlight motion and emotion both together
  • Advanced Use Of Final Cut - I can now edit at a fast pace and can also easily add effects to the project
  • The three types of music video - Narrative, Concept and Performance, these can be fused together
  • From looking at the marks schemes and doing a marking asgnment of my own, I now know what is needed to be done to attain the highest marks and of what quality this work must be contiuned at.
  • How to create advanced SFX injuries by adding stitches to the 'wound'
  • I now have advanced knowledge on framing and what it means to the music video - this is key
  • I now understand the codes and conventions of a music video
  • Time management is important in editing etc
  • Planning is key to success for film schedule and also in written aspects such as storyboards and call sheets
3 things I would like to learn this year are:
  • Directors and their significant preferences when making a music video; some have a certain style
  • The process of making a complete digi-pak
  • How to keep an audience interested throughout a music video whilst maintaining the integral parts of your idea in the music video, or how to maintain a preferred reading when it can be open to interpretation

Friday, 14 October 2011

Marking A Final Cut - We Are The Ocean - Confessions by Mary and Lucy

For my production task, I was assigned to mark Mary and Lucy's final cut of We Are The Ocean - Confessions which was submitted to this year's Bradford Media Film Festival and was also included in the IGS dvd of A2 videos at the end of the year. Here is my assessment of their video:

Steady Shot

I awarded Mary and Lucy Excellent for this particular category as although the majority of their video is not appropriate for steady shots, they have met the criteria by adding steady shots in when possible (most namely at when the track is at a slow place) and this is when most appropriate for how their narrative of the video plays out.


I have also awarded excellent for this category as Mary and Lucy as they have kept everything needed for the video central to the shot (allowing for the shaky camera movement at stages) thus maintaining clear framing work.

Shot Distance Variety

Again, I have awarded excellent as the video has a great shot variety, ranging from ECU to a ELS (after a zoom out). It is also in good balance in reference to meeting the track pace, and have also used a range of angles.

Appropriate Material

I have awarded Proficient/Excellent for this category as although they have cross cut with shots of performance, and have met their target audience,(I assume 15-24 due to character types and predicted age) I believe it can be argued that this is hard to relate to for every member of their core and secondary audience.

Mise-En Scene

Mary and Lucy have achieved excellent for this as they have used to extremely key props - the white dress and the backpack the girl can be seen using in shot for a good majority of the video. Aside from these key props, there are also posters in her room and household items in the shots needed for the argument the couple engage in at the house.


Again, they have achieved Excellent by achieving lots of cross cutting and quick cuts to meet the fast paced middle part of the track, and the editing has clearly met the pace of the track by displaying larger shots at slower paced parts of the song.

Transitions and Other Effects

Once again, I have awarded Excellent for his category as there can be seen to be fades at the beginning of the video between flash backs, and there is also sepia used to further highlight the time changes. There are also lots of angles and zooms, as well as cross cutting of the band.

Overall I have awarded 38/40 for this as aside from the relatability, it was a great final cut.

Thursday, 13 October 2011

Research and Planning Marking For Callum Moreman

For my marking task I chose to mark Callum Moreman's blog for his research and planning. His group consisted of Joel Colborne and Johnny Hughes and their chosen song was Disorder by Joy Division. I have assessed his blog in relation to the criteria and these are my marks;

Similar Products And Potential Target Audience

I have awarded Callum the mark of Excellent for this aspect. This is because he has posted numerous, almost regular info on his product and similar ones, and has shown assessment of his chosen genre, and it's sub genres. He has also done heavy research into his chosen artist, before posting one, albeit extremely long and detailed, post on the bands core and secondary target audience.

Actors, Locations, Cosumes And Props - Organisation

I have awarded Callum Proficient for this part as although he has submitted a completed lyric sheet, an analysis of the snorri cam, and heavy info on both location and casting with costume, he has not shown full detail on props, with only small inserts being added. There is no clear blogpost on this aspect and this is why I cannot award an Excellent mark.

Time Management

I have awarded Excellent for this as he has shown continuous effort displayed in his continuous blogging which are not just detailed but effective.

Layouts, Drafting, Scripting

I have awarded Proficient for this as Callum has blogged on a lyric sheet and some planning, with lots of draft work on digipaks and advertisements, however no real blogging on storyboarding.

Care in Reasearch and Planning

I have awarded Excellent for this as there is excellent organisation in his blogging, with lots of detail in every post, he has also displayed 100+ posts with losts of of research into his chosen genre and conventions, which is important.

Communication Skills

I have awarded Excellent to Callum as he has shown clear meaning, which is easy to understand in each post. There is lots of detailed info and it has been constantly up to date throughout his project.

Overall I have awarded Callum 18/20 for his Research and Planning due to his continuous Excellent/Proficient markings to the criteria.

Sunday, 9 October 2011

Fatboy Slim And Spike Jonze

Spike Jonze has directed 2 of Fatboy Slim's music videos: Praise You and Weapon Of Choice. Praise You soared to number 1 in the charts and the video is still well know today, whilst Weapon Of Choice cast superstar Christopher Walken, with the video being the significant selling point for this song. As Jonze is an inspirational director for me I thought best to look into his work, and through Weapon of Choice I have seen that even a basic concept (the floating in the hotel, hard to create yet simple in idea form) can become a smash hit, and that has played some inspiration to my final idea, whilst Praise You has given me an idea of incorporating some 'Guerilla' shots so to get a realistic reaction of passers by for my chase, this has also proved successful in Jonze's work in Jackass.

Coursework Pitch

Tomorrow I will be pitching my idea for my coursework music video, and I have selected Right Here Right Now by Fatboy Slim. My idea consists of a narrative style music video, in which I have envisioned a chase video, lasting pretty much the whole video. The fast paced aspect of a chase would meet the pace of the song, and I have also thought about using several special effects including using black and white as a major theme in particular. Lots of fast cuts would be needed, with a range of shots varying from close ups to highlight the emotion of the chase, right to tracking shots would be heavily required in order to portray the pace of the chase and it's intensity to the audience.

Not many props will be required as the music video will rely heavily on camerawork and how the characters involved can act as if this chase is life or death, however at the same time with shots planned such as knocking tables over whilst running, then a comedy aspect may also be used from minor characters, e.g the ones sat at the table reacting. It would be unwise to refer to this aspect as slapstick comedy but certainly some inspiration has been from that particular comedy genre, if i go ahead with involving a comedy aspect.

That is far from certain however as I may stick to my original plan of a completely serious chase. The ending of this video is also undecided as I have three clear paths; the chase can be left undecided for the viewer, or the runner could be caught, or finally he could escape. My personal view is that giving some narrative enigma and having the chase left undecided, although at a semi-conclusion, would be the best as then speculation could arise from viewers on whether the runner escaped.

My location can be anywhere around Ilkley and I plan to use a whole range of places such as housing areas spanning right to the park and river, in order to give a sense of direction to the chase and also allowing for a wide range of camera shots. In terms of characters, I will be looking for traditional teenagers, who can pull of a new indie style look, that is currently popular in the market, so the projected target audience can relate to them, and also for people who are obviously up to the task of running, due to the fact each shot needs taking about 3 times, the amount of running will add up and may amount to becoming vigorous.

Another aspect of the video I am keen on is at the beginning, having the runner shown in a sequence of shots, in slow motion and close up, from different angles, that are broken up by just simple plain black footage of nothing. This is to highlight the runner's importance and also this technique can be used repetitively through the video as well as possibly for the chaser. The re-occurring of this feature could allow it to become a key association when thinking of this remake, which is something I am aiming for, for people to know my project simply by remembering and for it to stay in their heads.

Vodcast and Final Cut for Hello

Me and Rob Shaw co-analysed two videos we recently deconstructed; Knights of Cydonia by Muse and Yonkers by Tyler, The Creator. This has been recorded and edited and will soon be uploaded onto the blog for viewing, once viewed in class and then placed on a memory stick to upload it, or, alternatively, it will be uploaded straight from the computer we saved it on, depending on when we have a spare moment.

The same goes for myself and Gina Maunsell's final cut of our remake of Martin Solveig's Hello, Which also needs to be viewed in class before it is also uploaded for viewing on the blog.

Pitch For Matin Solveig - Hello

This is my pitch, as blogged on earlier, for our initial music video task, in what ended up as a remake of Martin Solveig's Hello.

Fatboy Slim - Other Successful Hits

Fatboy Slim has seen a huge amount of success, and one of those hits is Praise You which my group member George Gamble is choosing to pitch for his project. The song reached number 1 in the UK charts and Spike Jonze both starred (under a false name) and directed this video. The accompanying music video is shot outside a cinema as Jonze and a group of people dance to the song, whilst passers by have no clue what is going on and are unaware that they are being filmed. This style is known as 'Guerilla' shooting as they do not have permission from the passers by to film them, nor do they know it is even taking place.

On a totally different slant, George has undergone creating some practice footage as can be seen below, I am unaware of his full idea but he has gone for a concept idea that focuses on the lyrics 'Praise You' as church footage can be seen.

Fatboy Slim - A Detailed Outline (Courtesy of Wikipedia)

Cook is highly established and as you can read below, has done work with some very influential directors, such as Spike Jonze. His work is still extremely popular and he is still widely regarded as a great artist, despite his 3 year absence from his Fatboy Slim persona.

Fatboy Slim - Right Here Right Now

Wikipedia page detailing the track in full

Film Festival - SFX for Intermediates

Last year, at the Film Festival, we learned how to create what would look like a cut on your ha,d that would appear to be deep, swelled and very much real!
This year however, we learned how to add stitches to the wound, and this actually improved the design and added realism, which is extremely important when using these special effects for your projects. The stitches gave the wound added gore and when you tied them, you could see that this type of effect could definitely prove successful even in a small project like the ones we are currently undergoing, and if needs be I would not hesitate to use them in my music video.

Bradford Film Festival

We recently attended the annual Film Festival at the IMAX in Bradford, to see selected projects from our school among others that were being shown. Upon arrival we saw that James and Oliver Phelps who play the Weasley twins in the Harry Potter series were also in attendence, thus allowing us to get  autographs and pictures with them.

James and Oliver Phelps at the Bradford Film Festival
We then went to see the films being shown in screening 1 (12pm - 1pm) and there was an interesting variety of films, contrasting from projects made from students all the way in the Burkina Faso, back round to Ilkley's previous A2 students' music videos. It was interesting to see the work that goes on from other schools, especially the one that was selected for The Advisor's Award, entitled The Lifeguard. This was a documentary style project which followed a young lifeguard around his day to day duties, with it eventually being revealed that he was not in fact a lifeguard, and he had not won an award for his duties, as he claimed he had continuously.

Previous Pitch Ideas

In light of the previous post that highlights my chosen song to pitch, I thought best to highlight previous idea before arriving on Right Here, Right Now by Fatboy Slim. However my earlier ideas consisted of doing a 'Boyband' concept and picking a song performed by a band such as Blue due to their success around 10 years ago, which would fit well with the set criteria of our chosen, being no less than 10 years old.
The idea I had to accompany one of their songs would have been for a classic boy chasing girl narrative as this has proved successful in recent years.

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Coursework Music Video Pitch: Early Ideas

As the pitch for my chosen music video is on monday, I have begun to listen to songs that meet the criteria to enable me to use the song for our own edited music video. I have since found trouble up until now, in which I have stumbled upon Fatboy Slim's 1999 hit; Right Here Right Now. The song peaked at 2nd in the charts and has since been a huge success, with it still been widely recognized and frequently used in TV amongst other forms of media.
The official music video focuses on animation and a clear evolution style narrative, in a side scrolling camera view, further highlighting the sense of journey. This therefore means that it would be incredibly easy for me to differ from the original and take a completely new spin to the video, however ideas are unclear at this time, although simply deciding on a song is a step forward.

Fatboy Slim - Right Here Right Now on MUZU.TV

Video Editing

After filming our recent music video, we have since been editing to get a final version, in pairs. I worked with Gina and after a week of using Final Cut Express and iMovie, we have finished our final cut. It will now be screened in class along with the other pairs' work, before it will be uploaded onto the blog.