Thursday, 13 October 2011

Research and Planning Marking For Callum Moreman

For my marking task I chose to mark Callum Moreman's blog for his research and planning. His group consisted of Joel Colborne and Johnny Hughes and their chosen song was Disorder by Joy Division. I have assessed his blog in relation to the criteria and these are my marks;

Similar Products And Potential Target Audience

I have awarded Callum the mark of Excellent for this aspect. This is because he has posted numerous, almost regular info on his product and similar ones, and has shown assessment of his chosen genre, and it's sub genres. He has also done heavy research into his chosen artist, before posting one, albeit extremely long and detailed, post on the bands core and secondary target audience.

Actors, Locations, Cosumes And Props - Organisation

I have awarded Callum Proficient for this part as although he has submitted a completed lyric sheet, an analysis of the snorri cam, and heavy info on both location and casting with costume, he has not shown full detail on props, with only small inserts being added. There is no clear blogpost on this aspect and this is why I cannot award an Excellent mark.

Time Management

I have awarded Excellent for this as he has shown continuous effort displayed in his continuous blogging which are not just detailed but effective.

Layouts, Drafting, Scripting

I have awarded Proficient for this as Callum has blogged on a lyric sheet and some planning, with lots of draft work on digipaks and advertisements, however no real blogging on storyboarding.

Care in Reasearch and Planning

I have awarded Excellent for this as there is excellent organisation in his blogging, with lots of detail in every post, he has also displayed 100+ posts with losts of of research into his chosen genre and conventions, which is important.

Communication Skills

I have awarded Excellent to Callum as he has shown clear meaning, which is easy to understand in each post. There is lots of detailed info and it has been constantly up to date throughout his project.

Overall I have awarded Callum 18/20 for his Research and Planning due to his continuous Excellent/Proficient markings to the criteria.

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  1. Interesting comments Tom, and nice detail
    Although I noted some aspects could be extended and improved, this got 20/20!


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