Sunday, 9 October 2011

Coursework Pitch

Tomorrow I will be pitching my idea for my coursework music video, and I have selected Right Here Right Now by Fatboy Slim. My idea consists of a narrative style music video, in which I have envisioned a chase video, lasting pretty much the whole video. The fast paced aspect of a chase would meet the pace of the song, and I have also thought about using several special effects including using black and white as a major theme in particular. Lots of fast cuts would be needed, with a range of shots varying from close ups to highlight the emotion of the chase, right to tracking shots would be heavily required in order to portray the pace of the chase and it's intensity to the audience.

Not many props will be required as the music video will rely heavily on camerawork and how the characters involved can act as if this chase is life or death, however at the same time with shots planned such as knocking tables over whilst running, then a comedy aspect may also be used from minor characters, e.g the ones sat at the table reacting. It would be unwise to refer to this aspect as slapstick comedy but certainly some inspiration has been from that particular comedy genre, if i go ahead with involving a comedy aspect.

That is far from certain however as I may stick to my original plan of a completely serious chase. The ending of this video is also undecided as I have three clear paths; the chase can be left undecided for the viewer, or the runner could be caught, or finally he could escape. My personal view is that giving some narrative enigma and having the chase left undecided, although at a semi-conclusion, would be the best as then speculation could arise from viewers on whether the runner escaped.

My location can be anywhere around Ilkley and I plan to use a whole range of places such as housing areas spanning right to the park and river, in order to give a sense of direction to the chase and also allowing for a wide range of camera shots. In terms of characters, I will be looking for traditional teenagers, who can pull of a new indie style look, that is currently popular in the market, so the projected target audience can relate to them, and also for people who are obviously up to the task of running, due to the fact each shot needs taking about 3 times, the amount of running will add up and may amount to becoming vigorous.

Another aspect of the video I am keen on is at the beginning, having the runner shown in a sequence of shots, in slow motion and close up, from different angles, that are broken up by just simple plain black footage of nothing. This is to highlight the runner's importance and also this technique can be used repetitively through the video as well as possibly for the chaser. The re-occurring of this feature could allow it to become a key association when thinking of this remake, which is something I am aiming for, for people to know my project simply by remembering and for it to stay in their heads.

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