Wednesday, 14 December 2011


We have FINALLY come to the conclusion that our chosen song will be Jigsaw by The Swing Movement. This is not too much of a problem as we have had a solid idea in mind for a while now, we just needed to match it to our lyrics and our idea.

We will now complete the rest of our blogging tasks on things that were previously unattainable, such as genre conventions etc.

We feel this is a large step forward in our aims to achieve a successful music video, and we now believe this will compliment our work on both the magazine ad and digipak productions.

Podcast 6

Audience/ Audience Feedback Lesson

Podcast 5

Finalising chosen song

Podcast 4

Details on our animatic/storyboard

Podcast 3

In this Podcast we talk briefly about Digipaks courtesy of George's research

GG - Things I have learnt using Final Cut Express

Today I discovered how to use multi layering, reverse shots, how to use special effects, how to use transitions and finally how to export it.

Firstly I learnt how to multi layer two or more shots together. (Place the clip above the clip you want to layer it with and select the above clip, go to motion, make the scale smaller, click on the centre button, then finally play around with the opacity. This has made our shots look much more professional and less boring to watch, it can help us create a sense of confusion for our main protagonist.

Secondly I learnt how to reverse shots, we will find this very helpful when shooting the shot of our protagonist travelling away. (Insert, modify, speed and finally reverse).

Thirdly I learnt how to use special effects to change the on screen look of the shot. This gives them a better look and can create a sense of confusion. (Select the clip you want ,effects, video filters then select the one you want).

Finally I learnt how to export clips from Final Cut to a portable file for youtube and other sites. This now means I can share all of my work onto internet sites like 'vimeo' and 'Youtube'.Today I discovered how to use multi layering, reverse shots, how to use special effects, how to use transitions and finally how to export it.

(Images taken by George)

Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Two Twigs Productions

Two Twigs Productions is now available to follow on twitter, @TwoTwigsPro and it would be greatly appreciated if anyone who uses the twitter social network, to tweet us both feedback, ideas, and most importantly to keep up to date with our news.

TW - Right Here Right Now Idea 1 - Problems

We have constructed 2 ideas for this song, the first being shot with a band and one member being left behind and having o make his own way to where they are playing. George has detailed this idea on this blog post. After talking about this, I have seen the following problems in our idea, in which we have to overcome:

  • How do we shoot the opening scene? Do the band leave him behind AFTER packing his stuff, seemingly forgetting he is in the van. Should the band member run after the vehicle shouting, throw drumsticks etc?
  • Can we attain a van to shoot this scene with? A simple band practice or location where instruments are already set up would be an easier idea.
  • How many scenarios and modes of transport will be needed for the video? an the cast member ride a skateboard for example? In the winter will we be able to shoot in a forest/river.
  • Do the band realise they have left him behind IF we go this way and not have band practice?
  • Should we involve some lip syncing to the main lyric 'Right here right now'? Possible shot is a very fast paced, panning shot around in a snori cam angle, the main band member(one who is left behind) saying these lyrics?
  • How do we end the video?Performance? Going on to play? simple band practice as initially suggested?
  • Will we need permission from crowd members, how many will we need?
  • Finding a set location for the end scene IF we go with the idea of performance to a live audience in the final scene
  • Is there anyone he meets on the way? This is very unlikely and will only be used to aid the narrative, if need.
  • Could he possibly miss the performance, turn up to late? Narrative enigma if they let him back in the band?
  • Do we need performance footage in between shots of the band member trying to get to the venue?
All of these problems will be talked through by myself and George, and when we have a final idea with no problems we will do a full blogpost on how we have avoided the problems and how we intend to make this plan a success.

GG - Music Video Idea/1 - Fatboy Slim (Right here, Right now)

My final and probably most likely new idea would be to the song Right here, Right now. My idea would be to have both performance and narrative, the performance would consist of 1/3rd of the music video.

I took inspiration from the music video by Coldplay on their new song 'Paradise'. We would have series of scenarios of a singular figure travelling throughout the Yorkshire country-side, (this would be cut with the performance as well). Firstly, the male would be travelling along in a car, the car then runs out of petrol just outside a bike shop. He then goes in a buys a second hand old bike, after further travelling along more country-side he gets a flat tyre. He then spots an old skateboard in a farm yard and so on. He finally reaches a river were he ditches the skateboard to cross the river, he then continues his travels on foot. Finally he reaches his destination of where the band, who are playing the performance aspect, are practising. We then see the meaning of the video, the main character kicks the drummer off playing the instrument and plays them himself showing he will not be replaced in the band.

The filming will consist of a huge range of short taken shots, I have lots of ideas and plan to do some practice footage of the narrative very soon.


After careful consideration our song choice in now, and more importantly finally, Right Here Right Now by Fatboy Slim.