Tuesday, 6 December 2011

TW - Right Here Right Now Idea 1 - Problems

We have constructed 2 ideas for this song, the first being shot with a band and one member being left behind and having o make his own way to where they are playing. George has detailed this idea on this blog post. After talking about this, I have seen the following problems in our idea, in which we have to overcome:

  • How do we shoot the opening scene? Do the band leave him behind AFTER packing his stuff, seemingly forgetting he is in the van. Should the band member run after the vehicle shouting, throw drumsticks etc?
  • Can we attain a van to shoot this scene with? A simple band practice or location where instruments are already set up would be an easier idea.
  • How many scenarios and modes of transport will be needed for the video? an the cast member ride a skateboard for example? In the winter will we be able to shoot in a forest/river.
  • Do the band realise they have left him behind IF we go this way and not have band practice?
  • Should we involve some lip syncing to the main lyric 'Right here right now'? Possible shot is a very fast paced, panning shot around in a snori cam angle, the main band member(one who is left behind) saying these lyrics?
  • How do we end the video?Performance? Going on to play? simple band practice as initially suggested?
  • Will we need permission from crowd members, how many will we need?
  • Finding a set location for the end scene IF we go with the idea of performance to a live audience in the final scene
  • Is there anyone he meets on the way? This is very unlikely and will only be used to aid the narrative, if need.
  • Could he possibly miss the performance, turn up to late? Narrative enigma if they let him back in the band?
  • Do we need performance footage in between shots of the band member trying to get to the venue?
All of these problems will be talked through by myself and George, and when we have a final idea with no problems we will do a full blogpost on how we have avoided the problems and how we intend to make this plan a success.

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