Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Beyonce - Single Ladies

Beyonce is an incredibly talented artist, with many of her singles reaching no.1 in the charts. Her most recent major performance was at Glastenbury 2011 as a headline act.

Single Ladies is another long take video with a song and dance routine, with clear mode of address. This means that the dance routine is especially hard as Beyonce has to both dance at a fast pace, to meet the pace of the music, and also lip sync to the camera.

The video is shot entirely in black and white, with a lot of fast paced pans, zooms and swings to follow the dance routine at a fast pace, resembling the music. They are all wearing the same ballerina type leotard, and high heels, although Beyonce's leaotard is slightly different, allowing the audience to see she is different to the other dancers, and also placed central to further highlight her significance.

The lighting ranges from a dark backdrop and spotlight, and a complete white background, this changes continuously through the video. The obvious focus is on the performance, and no narrative, with no real props used either, apart from the well known hand movements for the key line 'shoulda put a ring on it' that is widely recognised.

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