Thursday, 5 January 2012

TW - Digipak Analysis 1 - MUSE

The first digipak I analysed is MUSE's copy that was designed for their album, Resistance. This was helpful as their genre of music is situated in the Rock one, and as our band is Alternative Rock, they are not to far apart.
Front Cover

  • A grey background was used, with a globe type image, with the earth in the centre, situated on the front, this covered most of the cover. There were lots of vivid colours to catch the eye.
  • 'Includes...' sticker was used in order to add purchase incentive for fans.
  • Band and Album title could be seen easily.

  • Barcode and production logos can be seen.
  • Picture of band walking, in black and white, in a long shot with a blurred effect used on the image.

Inner Panel
  • 4 of the same shot, with lighting effects used to vary the colour (lighter - darker).
  • Divided by black outline, matching the black background.

  • DVD credits in the middle of the panel, with the band's logo.
  • More shots of the band, blurred effect used again.
  • Mid shot used on the left panel, Long shot used on the right panel, this is noticeably varied, could be a way to give the buyer new experience with each panel.
  • The backgrounds of the panels are contrasting.

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