Thursday, 26 January 2012

TW - Rough Cut Feedback And Analysis

After screening our first rough cut that uses BOTH performance and narrative footage, we received feedback that in short told us we needed to completely re-think the narrative shots, and try to change the performance footage.

We are however unable to tweak the performance footage, only change shots due to what footage we shot, but have not used.

Therefore, we are going to try and intertwine focus shots (focus out at the end of one shot, to the go back into focus and it is the next shot). This can be used when switching shots of the performer's, or even when changing from a performance shot to a narrative shot, if we shoot the narrative footage in accordance with focus levels.

Another problem is that there was too much movement and rotation in our performance footage, which needs to be both edited out and rectified, this can be changed by trimming some clips down, or even just replacing them. Also, the rough cut we showed had less narrative in than we planned so there was more performance footage that we intend to remove. Hopefully when we re-shoot the narrative footage, we will have more to put into the final cut and this will strengthen the video.

The narrative shots were not very well received as it was said that it was quite weak, with several major issues, so we plan a major overhaul in that area.

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