Tuesday, 10 January 2012

TW - Audience Feedback: Performance Footage

After a class viewing of our performance, we recieved the following feedback:
  • Remove the dutch angle rotations that can be seen in some shots
  • Good use of focus adjustment on the camer we used, which was a Nikon D300S
  • Good lip syncing, well matched
  • Possibly remove some footage of the lead singer, varied opinion on whether too much focus was given
  • Wide range of shot variation
  • People enjoyed the shots of the pedals being used, added realism
  • Maybe try and remove some of the shaky footage, or make sure narrative footage is not at all shaky
  • Look at incorporating some 2,3, or even 4 shots of the band
  • 'Very Good' - Sam Pollock
  • Good use of cut away shots
  • Averaging a C if we submitted simply the performance shots.

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