Tuesday, 10 January 2012

TW - Plans For Digipak Based On Deconstructions

An Example Of Andy Warhol's work

  • The Linkin Park digipak for Minutes To Midnight has shots that would be perfect to replicate on our digipak, and these type of pictures are seen commonly on other successful digipaks and CDs as well.
  • Rammstein's use of the same close up shot of each band member in white could be well received, although an Andy Warhol type shot could also work in this instance.
  • Using that style also means we could use a shot of all the band and add this effect, not just one band member for each panel.
  • Going back to the Linkin Park digipak, the use of black and white appeals to us greatly.
  • We are likely to avoid the artwork used on the Reanimation digipak as it would be extremely hard to replicate work anywhere near this level of quality.
  • The cropping and trimming of shots used on the Green Day digipak also appeals to us, and we may opt for this technique for one panel, or replicate the inner panel of Linkin Park's Minutes To Midnight digipak which has lots of images almost collaged together from behind the scenes and locations.
  • The Reanimation usage of different colours for the words (both band and album title), and then add a small background around them, and reversing the colours, is appealing.
  • MUSE's use of a border in between 4 similar images on the inner panel of The Resistance, and then tweaking the effects such as lighting in each one, is also good, and we could fuse this with an Andy Warhol type piece of work of behind the scenes shots, which could work.
  • One problem with the Andy Warhol work is that the colour scheme is slightly eccentric therefore we may have to use simple colours such as black white and red, to make it effective, as none of the digipaks I have studied use colours such as pink and bright green.

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