Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Coldplay - Fix You

Coldplay are a renowned band in todays music scene and have had many hits. Fix You is an extremely popular song and has again, like Bitter Sweet Symphony, been used in many tv shows and even some sports programs.

The video centers around the lead singer exchanging mode of address with the camera and walking slowly, meeting the pace of the song, different angles are used, but the length rarely changes from mid shot, as the focus is clearly on the singer. The narrative is that the singer is trying to find his way, and when he does, he begins to run, again meeting the pace of the music. This can be seen by faster cuts and less close ups. He gets to his destination and breaks mode of address to sing to an audience which finishes the narrative. There are no special effects in this song and this fits the coldplay style of video.

Fix You - Coldplay from Emmy Tamker on Vimeo.

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