Tuesday, 10 January 2012

TW - Common Conventions Seen In Digipak Deconstructions

After deconstructing 6 digipaks in the rock genre, I have now seen some trends and similarities form after observing each panel of each digipak. They are as follows;

  • Title and band name are situated, usually at the top, of the front cover, in a colour that oppositions the background, in order to bring attention to this.
  • Either a picture of the band, or artwork is used on the front cover. Artwork is usually used in the foreground of eccentric background, with effects such as splattering other colours into it.
  • The back cover includes song titles and logos such as the DVD one, and parental advisory notifications, that can also be seen on the front sometimes.
  • The back also maintains the same backdrop as the front cover, and can include images, or remain plain, only including track lists.
  • The artwork is continued in the inner panels, and the images are similar across them, not much changes as sometimes the band opt to use a shot, and use it across all 3 panels in the middle.
  • The inner panel can either have song listings and the band logo, or maintain the artwork displayed on the front and back.
  • All digipaks meet a theme, whether it be animation, or a background colour, or even a continuous use of a similar shot, and this works well, this one in particular we will try to adhere to

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