Tuesday, 13 September 2011

The Verve - Bitter Sweet Symphony

The Verve have seen many of their hits turn into classics, and this song is no exception, it is widely known and is often used as a soundtrack in tv programs due to the heavily recognized symphony in the asong. It has been used most noticably on the BBC, ITV and Sky Sports on seperate occasions as they cover sport, most likely football.

It begins with the camera tracking, with shaky movement, footsteps, before continuing the track up to a mid shot of the character, and at 0:20, the man walking can be seen in a long shot, looking towards the camera, whilst the camera continues on, getting further and further away. The shot continues as he walks down the street, bumping into people as he walks, with brief mode of address incorporated. There is a shot revers shot of him, to 2 girls, then back to him, in a mid shot. There is a continuous shot reverse shot of him walking from behind in a long shot, and him in a mid shot, with the track continuing. He keeps walking and the pushes and shoves become more aggressive, at one point knocking someone down, all the while in the same shot, and this could be argued to be the narrative.

With occassional cuts to close ups on his face and his shoes, the tracking jerky camera is resumed and this is continued, all the while cutting to the reverse shot of him, until 2:19 clearly shows him being in the way of a blonde girl, however he maintains mode of address. With occasional cuts to POV shots of the walker looking at people, and it can be finally confirmed that there is some form off effect on the screen, giving it a rigid type look on camera. This type of back and forth continues with occasional cuts to other angles (for example a close up on a car window of the man's reflection) and the vid ends with him having to barge through to large men in his way, however he keeps on walking and the rest of the band join him in his fast paced walk, walking into and then past the camera shot before fading to black

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