Sunday, 11 September 2011

Chicane - Poppiholla

Chicane is a British dance artist, whose real name is Nicholas Bracegirdle. This artist is very well known in party capitals such as Ibiza, Magaluf and Malia to name a few. This song, Poppiholla, was created in 2009 and entered the UK singles chart at no.7.

The version of the video I have embedded has an advert in, so the actual video does not begin until 0:30. It begins in black and white (and continues with this feature all the way through the video), with an establishing shot of a networking tower, before panning down to show a sign on the right side of the screen entitled 'Carmine Motors'. The shot keeps panning down until it reaches a man walking with his hood up, in a mid shot, the camera tracking his movement.2 close ups show his face from different angles, before reverting back to a mid shot, all of this is in slow motion.
It slowly cuts to him walking round a corner, where he is seen to walk past a woman at a cash machine, who looks curiously at him, in an extreme close up. The next shot is follows as an OTS shot to show him looking away and carrying on walking, and he looks toward an open door, with a woman, again in close up, staring at him. The same thing happens again as he walks past two men, who keep their heads down and move on. This is shown in shot reverse shot as he walks past, and helps inject a narrative that this man is possibly a bad character, that is not popular. A fade out brings us to an OTS of him walking past a taxi, with the driver again shown in close up to be looking at him, furthering the suspicions that this character is bad. Another fade out is used before he turns the corner, in which he breaks into a run, in a mid angle, and he knocks and disturbs several people throughout his run. This fits the pace as although in slow motion, he is still speeding up.
You see him tackle a woman and assume he is assaulting her from the straight angle, however the camera remains there to reveal bricks falling, and he in fact saved her, and as they hit the ground, the video fades out to finish.

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