Saturday, 18 February 2012

TW - Magazine Ad Analysis 2 - Hard Fi

This magazine ad is for Hard Fi's album, entitled Once Upon A Time In The West. The album was released almost 5 years ago, therefore is a fairly recent advertisement, and will likely use conventions that are still true to the alternative genre of advertisements.

This advertisement is especially helpful because it has one central drawing point, much like our planned advertisement. The drawing point for this particular ad is the use of a commonly used statement on the internet when an image is unable to load, except it would simply say 'Image Not Available'. This is a reflection of the advancement of media and technology in our society, especially the use of the internet, where that sentence can be found.

Below the simple yet attracting statement, is the band name, album title and release date, all in black, which is contrast to the white colour of the main sentence. These words are in lower font, and centered, similar to the main sentence.
Underneath this they have in a less bold font, a popular track they have released as a selling point for people who appreciate their music, and further below that, there is a web link to the band's website, integrating other aspects of internet advancements, with the production company logo in the bottom right, to make it visible, yet less eye catching than the desired aspects of the advertisement.

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