Tuesday, 10 January 2012

TW - Digipak Analysis 5 - Green Day - Bullet In A Bible

Green Day are another band that fall into the rock category and although The Swing Movement are an alternative/ indie rock band, this Green Day digipak has elements that could easily be common or replicated in a digipak for the alternative/indie genre.

Parental advisory at the bottom right of the cover, DVD logo bottom left.
Red Background, with the Green Day band logo shaded into it.
Band member is stood in the middle, posing in a typical rock star-esque manner.
This image is black and white, and fans can be seen at the bottom of the cover, evidently as the audience to this band member posing.
These two aspects indicate that an image has been take and both trimmed and cropped, as this is in black and white, whilst the background is a rich red colour.
Band name and album title, are above him, in clear white.
The album title is in the top right, almost as the band member in view is pointing to it, this is a nice touch in my opinion, and could be a small albeit significant audience attraction the front cover.

Track list is in the top left corner, song titles are in white.
The background is the same red colour seen on the front cover.
There is a small trim across the back in diagonal, in which colour picture of each band member are situated across, performing live.
The bottom right has a red background, with fans cheering seen, again in black and white, white writing is used for credits/production company names.
Barcode is seen, and FBI logo against pirate copies, both in colour in contrast to the background.

Inner Panel
White, with balck writing, credits can be seen at the top.
On this slide is simply text, no images, just credits for everyone involved in each composition, ordered by track list number.

Middle Panel
Red background.
The left panel has black and red image of a band member, with instrument in hand, in a mid shot.
Middle panel is relatively similar with the same background and colour choices, however it is the drummer seen, in mid shot, whilst playing.
The right panel is a close up of the band member seen on the front, however only his guitar is in focus in this shot, and the colour scheme is the same as the previous two panels.

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