Tuesday, 24 January 2012

TW - The Swing Movement - A Brief History

The band, formed in 2004, began with around 20 members all jamming and having a good time. From the 20, 4 of the members, Ben Walker (guitar and vocals), Patrick Wanzala-Ryan(guitar), Joe Gamble (bass) and Kieran Borrett (drums) moved on and formed The Swing Movement.

They have progressed since then and performed at many local venues, with one song, To The Bone available to download on itunes, not to mention featuring on many renowned music applications such as spotify and last.fm.

They also have twitter, a fan page on facebook and an official myspace page to work with, and whilst they are still young, they have a lot of potential to be the newest big hit in the alternative/indie scene.

http://www.indiebandsblog.com/european-bands/uk-bands/the-swing-movement - This blog has some extra info on The Swing Movement including release dates amongst other pieces.

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