Friday, 4 May 2012

Final Cut - Jigsaw by The Swing Movement

Final Digipak

As you can see on the digipak, we used several indie record labels to give the impression that this was a signed band. We uses Sell-a-Lot Records for the actual record label, ioda for the production company label and yeproc records for the distribution company label.

Final Mag Ad

Thursday, 3 May 2012

Evaluation Question 1

In What Ways Does Your Media Product Use, Develop Or Challenge Forms And Conventions Of Real Media Products?

For this task, we decided to find firstly the conventions seen in music video as a whole, and then the conventions we see commonly in our chosen genre, which is Alternative rock.

Music Video Conventions:

  • Fast Paced Editing
  • 3 Types Of Music Video - Narrative, Performance or Concept (A lot of today's music videos are hybrids of the 3 different styles, often including both performance and narrative)
  • Lip Syncing
  • Match On Action
  • Distinct Setting
Conventions seen in our genre:
  • Fast paced editing and match on action
  • Distinct and vivid setting
  • Hybrid of the 3 types of music video, rarely just narrative or performance
  • Focus on the lead singer is common to the Rock genre as a whole, not to mention sub-genres
Magazine Advertisement Conventions:
  • Tour Dates
  • Reviews - of the band or the album advertised usually
  • Band Information - such as twitter and facebook links, QR codes to band web pages
  • Music Label details and Copyright symbols
  • Possibly an image of the band, if the artwork is not already of them
  • Image of the CD cover, with 'Out Now' next to it, to further promote the album
Conventions seen in our genre:
  • Tour dates and reviews are especially common
  • Label details and Band info
  • Artwork, it is usually concept art and not of the band
Digipak Conventions:
  • Paperboard design style
  • Band or concept art as a theme, and not a mixture of both
  • Booklet and booklet sleeve
  • Web info - which we found increasingly common in today's CD albums and digipak products.
  • Track List, Album Name and Band Name
Conventions seen in our genre:
  • Band or images, artwork is rare
  • Track List, Album Name and Band Name
  • Web Info
  • Booklet and Booklet Sleeve
One band we focused our attention on was the band Arctic Monkeys. Many of their music videos are concept videos, like ours, and their advertisements and CD covers do replicate some of our final work.
Whilst both myself and George's job was to analyse work from our chosen genre and sub genre, which is rock, furthered by alternative rock, we did pay particular attention to this band due to their success and high following, George especially.

For the music video, as seen in 'Teddy Picker', we emulated a lot of the performance shots used by using shaky, natural camera work, which is seen in many alternative band's videos, let alone a band we had particular focus on. The narrative aspect of our music video was based around many videos in today's music, in which there is usually focus on a romance, to which we adapted to it being a lost romance, between people in our age range in order to relate to our target audience.

As you can see the shots we took in this all performance cut of our video do emulate the ones in 'Teddy Picker':

For our magazine ad we again looked at adverts from our genre, and some from other genres of music video. For example, the inspiration found for our font style was seen in an advertisement for Kyle Park, who  is a country singer, which is a totally different genre to indie/alternative rock. Both this advertisement and the advertisement for Arctic Monkeys: Favourite Worst Nightmare gave us inspiration as both of these ads had artwork on the left, and the key text on the right, which can be seen in our work. This layout is prominent as the image that draws the attention is first seen, on the left, before a closer look at the ad can give the audience the finer details about the band and the product being sold.

As you can see we have emulated work both from our chosen genre and  ad conventions on a whole
For our digipak, we again took inspiration from Arctic Monkeys, this time focusing on their use of black and white colour scheme, whilst using basic images with small amounts of editing. This enhances the overall product as the chosen image is a strong one, and then the editing performed adds value to the product.

Although our idea is different to that used on this album, you can see that using the same shot with different editing can be very effective.

Evaluation Question 2

How Effective Is The Combination Of Your Main Products And Ancillary Texts?

What ancillary texts we used:

  • QR code - scanner for smartphones which links to a performance cut of the music video
  • Viral Advertisement, with the QR code on - provides audience intrigue and interest
  • Magazine AD
  • Digipak
  • Music Vid - main product
  • Blog
  • Twitter Account
We believe the QR code and viral advertisements were effective as they added a lot of enigma and intrigue to our products, with the barcode scan being a focal point for us. This is an example of social media integration as it interacts the audience, and the fact that the viral advertisement, as seen in my evaluation video, is lacking any real text or info on, the barcode should provide our audience with reason to scan and find out more.

The digipak was a key ancillary text for us as not only was it a sub project for the whole task, but it was essentially what the magazine ad was promoting, so it was very important. The cover can be seen on the magazine ad, as well as the cover linking to the ad itself therefore giving the audience a greater opportunity to recognise and relate all the products together. The microphone shot we have used for inside panels is very similar to shots seen in the video, aside from the editing to the image for the panels, and this is again a recognisable thing for the audience to see, not to mention the band being edited into this. One other aspect of recognisability is the track listings, in which the audience can see not only the bonus music video content but other songs, and they may recognise these pieces, encouraging to purchase the product.
Back Cover
Front Cover


For our magazine ad, we used a very similar shot to the digipak, thus relating the products so the audience can remember these as a set of products promoting the same thing. There is a QR code seen on both products which again connects us into today's social media.

The blog both samples and promotes our work, whilst also updating our audience on news about our products. They can find inspirations for our work, feedback for our work and answer polls. This helps us interact with the audience, and we can also give excessive info on all our products and ancillary texts used. The twitter feed is another way to interact with the audience and promote our products and ancillary texts.

The music video itself is heavily connected to the ancillary texts, to begin with we have based the idea for both the digipak and the magazine ad around the band's name, highlighting the 'Swing' part of 'The Swing Movement'. We played on this and initially intended to have myself on the swing due to my role in the music video, which would have made a lot more sense to the audience. However, due to other commitments we were running out of time and George had to step in and take the place, although we tried to make the images, for the magazine ad at least, give the impression that it could be a member of the band or be a generic character that can be related to, with him sat on a swing conveying he is thinking and is at the 'Bottom Of The Barrel'

Evaluation Question 3

What Have You Learned From Your Audience Feedback?

What audience feedback we recieved:
  • 3 full rough cut screenings with feedback afterward
  • Full performance cut of our video
  • Submission into music competition
  • Twitter followers
  • QR code views
  • Blog hits and polls
The feedback we recieved was always in relation to our target audience. This is both primary and secondary audience, to which ours was aged 15-24 males and aged 15-24 females respectively. If we met the criteria and feedback we recieved from our peers, which are in these target groups, then we would have obviously made an appealing product, although it is essential to make the product accessible to a wider range of people and not solely for your target groups.

In our case, the music and the performance was an attracive selling point for the males, whilst the romantic narrative was a key drawing point for the females. One clothing change we made in relation to this was to make the girl wear a red jacket in the happy scenes, to signify love and romance, thus attracting an appeal from an audience that enjoy aspects of the romantic genre.

For our rough cuts the feedback we recieved was mostly positive and only minor changes were decided to be needed. Clothing changes such as shoes and coats were changed, especially on the male character, whilst other feedback on performance footage being shot on the side also taken into consideration. It helped that the most of our feedback was given by fellow 6th form students, making the feedback even more important as it was from both our primary and secondary audiences, so the product is relatable. Several youtube users also gave their opinions which helped us gain feedback from a wider community.

George also had the initiative to enter the video in a music video competition, to which the video won, allowing us to see that our work had been a success. This allowed us to gain feedback from people in the industry, and the fact that they chose it as a winner shows our work has been recognised and praised by these people. These people are also likely to be members of our wider audience and not in our primary and secondary audiences, so again it was useful to see that the product has been a success in these more diverse parts of our audience.

We made a twitter account for our production company, which was a success and we gained a few followers. This gave production updates and people could tweet to the account to see any progress updates or other important news, they could also send feedback here, showcasing the use of social media integration.

The QR code also played a major part in our feedback as it directed people to the performance footage, so people could leave us feedback on the youtube page.

Evaluation Question 4

How did you use new media technologies in the construction and research, planning and evaluation stages?

What aspects of new media we used:
  • Digipaks
  • Viral advertisements
  • Magazine advertisements
  • Music video competition
  • Online Feedback
  • Blogs
  • Nikon D-300S
  • Photoshop Elements
  • Final Cut Express
  • iMovie
The camera we used, a Nikon D-300S, was particularly useful in the production and construction stages of our product. This is because the camera was of excellent quality, and it added value to our overall product being able to shoot our video with a higher resolution camera. The camera also made it a lot easier for us to film as due to it being George's camera, we could take it out and film when needed, without having to book a camera from the media department.


Photoshop was also an important technology we used in the construction process of our products, namely in both our ancillary texts. Although my skills on photopshop were fairly limited, it was still a key technology in both drafting and then completeing our final digipak and magine advertisements. The application made the editing of these products a lot easier, and improved the quality also.
In making the digipak and mag ad, tusing the auto correct and auto sharpen tools were how I began the processes, as it immediately rendered the photo into looking completely different and unique, before I converted it into black and white, going with teh newspaper effect for the magazine ad, and the infared effect for the digipak. I then proceeded to crop the phot and then used the magnetic lassoo tool to select key parts of the photo, in order to layer them and give the swing impression that can be seen on both the covers of the digipak.
We differed in style as the layers on the magazine ad had colour on in order to attract the audience's eye, but we kept the product basic, which is an indie convention, and remained in black and white on the digipak.

For the spine of the digipak, I used the clone stamp tool to get some of the indie background seen in the front cover, and then used this as it looked very effective, whilst also being a connecter between the front and back covers, as the background was the same on both sides, albeit on the back cover it being extremely lighter, to contrast the front.
 Finally, the opacity had to be reduced on some layers., and then they had to be both locked and linked together, in order to merge together so the product could be once again cropped before it was finally ready.

iMovie was particularly useful for our rough cuts, as we could draft them out on this application, and prepare the video before the important editing such as cross cutting could be done on Final Cut. Without iMovie we would have gone into the key construction stage of the music video with a vague picture of how we wanted our shots to be organised, so it was key to our planning stages

Our blogs were key to our research and planning stages as it was on here that we could convey our ideas, inspirations and industry convention analysis'. They also helped us integrate facebook, twitter, and youtube into our final product which was a benefit when evidencing.

Final Cut - On final cut we had to order clips, cut them and add layers or transitions to them. George managed to find many key transitions, such as an out of focus shot that would go into the next one, which became key in our music video when we incorporated the idea of using flashbacks. Cross cutting can be seen towards the end of our video and this again was a key part of the editing process. It was also essential to use final cut in order to extract audio from the narrative and performance clips, and layer the music track onto it so that is all that could be heard.

The music video competition George submitted the video to was useful in the research and planning stages as we got genuine feedback from people in the industry and therefore this feedback was taken with extreme consideration as if they enjoyed the product, then we knew we were doing a good job. It also allowed to have added screenings and gave the video more views than it would have done had it not been submitted.

Thursday, 26 April 2012

Digipak and Mag Ad Feedback

For the digipak and magazine ad, we got told that:

  • We needed to add 'Presents' to the magazine ad, in order to make it clear which text was the band's title
  • Add the digipak cover to the magazine ad

  • Add an 'includes' sticker to the digipak front cover
  • Add more small print to the digipak cover and to look at conventions of other band's digipaks
  • Include music videos to the track listings and track timings to the booklet
  • add indie record labels to the digipak to give the impression this was a signed band


Our cast members were chosen to fit the age range of our target audience, therefore we selected from our age range, to relate to this audience. We then from people who could meet our tight schedule of filming, to which we decided to include myself in the narrative side of the video, due to me always being there when we needed to film. This saved a lot of time and effort in casting as we were also confident I could do a good job in my acting role.
We picked the girl by deciding who could portray a good match for the male character on screen, and we decided that Katie, who we eventually cast, was a good enough actor to give that impression to the audience.


For our music video, we have decided to shoot the performance footage in the George's basement. This is because lots of indie music videos use a distinct setting, and we believe the idea of filming in a basement gives the impression that the band are just regular and are trying to make it in the industry, like many other bands out there. This in itself is quite a distinct and indie thing to do.

For the narrative scenes, we used George's house as it gave the impression that this couple were happy together and had a stable home, whilst using other locations such as the park and the river to show how, especially at the river, distinct settings can produce wild reactions, such as the slap at the river. The outdoor settings were used to diversify the couples' activities and interests, showing the audience that this couple could do anything together and had something special.

Monday, 16 April 2012

Digipak And Mag Ad Completion

Our digipak and magazine ads have been finalised and this means that they will be up on the blog shortly, subject to feedback.

Magazine Ad Deconstruction 4 Artic Monkeys - Inspiration

Our magazine ad is very similar to this in it's formatting, and seeing as we took heavy influence from Artic Monkeys in our product decisions, it is worth paying dividends to it. The advertisement has a key image to the left, which is a key part of our magazine ad, with the important info all down the right hand side, again similar to ours. A black and white background has been used, and although our audience attracting image is in colour unlike this one, the background is the same.

Artic Monkeys are both extremely successful and popular in the alternative rock genre so we took special influence from their work as it has proven to be a success, we feel with their formatting an audience could relate the two advertisements and therefore give us stronger genre links in the wider perspective.

GG - Filming complete

We are now confident that we have finished all the filming we need for our music video. We have had to do endless re-shoots and numerous rough cut edits but, this has only helped us make sure we produce the best video we can.

We have taken into account all the audience feedback we received from our class mates and friends. The main changes we have made are; instead of 3 scenarios there are now 5, we will use less of the performance footage and we have improved our framing of shots. 

We have imported all of our shots into Final Cut and now plan to start our final edit. 

GG - Digipak and Mag ad photo's

We have managed to get the photo's for our digipak and magazine ad done. Our idea was to find a swing on its own and in a run down area. After weeks of searching we found one that fit the bill and manage to take some photos.
The plan for our digipak is to have a shot of a person of the swing from the front (front panel) and the same shot from behind (back panel) 

For our magazine ad we plan to use the image to the left whilst adding text and other small images of the digipak. 

All photos were taken by John Gamble:

GG - One Shot Performance vid

Here is a video of Jigsaw by The Swing Movement, edited on Final Cut and filmed on a Nikon D300s by George. It all all one shot with audio put in during the editing.

GG - Change in narrative

After receiving our audience feedback we have decided to add two more scenario's to our music video. This will bring the overall to five, plus performance. The idea is to have 3 of the 5 scenario's to end in an argument, and 2 to end well. We are going to keep the original three, but film two more.

Our idea is to have the couple walking beside a river hand in hand, they will also feed the ducks etc.. This will be happy memory. Our second new idea is for them both to be having a meal together, for the females birthday. This will build up to an argument after the female glances at the males phone as he is texting someone.

Instead of having all the memory's coming from the photos, we have decided to use objects in the room to create the memory. For example, a birthday card which leads to the memory of the birthday meal. The card will be in a bin, then we will cross cut to the memory.

TW - Magazine Ad Deconstruction 3 Kyle Park - Inspiration

This magazine advert, for Kyle Park's Make Or Break Me, has no direct link to our final product or target genre. However, what struck me when I came across it, which was completely by chance in a media lesson, is the Wild font, along with the more rigid one that is used on the album title. I believe this has been some inspiration for our work as in our final product we have gone for very similar font choices. This is because although Kyle Park is not in our genre, the fonts do appeal to an indie audience as they are quite wild and vivid, and look classy without having too much actual elegance about them.

Thursday, 1 March 2012

Blog Changes To Be Made

Before the deadline for blog marking, it has been brought to our attention that we need to notify changes to the blog that will be made, however not until after marking. These changes are as follows:

  • Vodcasts need to be uploaded onto the blog - this will be completed next week
  • Podcasts also need to be uploaded, however not as many as there are vodcasts - again, this will be completed next week
  • Final draft of digipak and magazine ads (our progress in this has been halted due to location scouting problems)
We expect all these problems to be ammended by at most a fortnight, although we do believe we can achieve these goals, and changes that need to be made to our final cut, in the coming week.

GG - Editing vid on iMovie

Video Effects
Recently I have been editing the footage that me and Tom have taken on the software iMovie (version 9.0.4). We filmed all of our work on a Nikon D300s with included '720p / 24 fps HD video recording', and then imported it straight into iMovie, we are yet to edit any work on Final Cut but plan to very soon. 

I found editing on iMovie very simple, this may be down to its lack of special effects available but for what we needed, it was perfect! 

I started off by selecting all the clips I wanted from the events section and moved them into the project itself. This was very time consuming due to all the shots having to fit to the audio. In between shots I inserted transitions during selected sections, these were mainly used to show a flashback or a memory. 

Once all the shots were in place, I went about removing all the original audio from the clips, this again was very time consuming. 
Changing the Saturation
As seen in the video I have used three different effects on the clips. For the performance I used the 'Hard Light' video effect. I personally think this effect works really well because it helps disguise the fact we filmed in a basement through making the background image harder to see. For the photo scenes we used a 'Black and Whie' video effect, this helping show it is in the past. Finally I used a 'Dream' video effect for the memories. But I also played around with the saturation which gave the shots more light. 

This is our final edit in iMovie and now we hope to move onto using Final Cut to incorporate the cross cut effect. 

GG - Things to be done

We are fast approaching the deadline day for all work to be handed up. Me and Tom have looked at what needs to be done and have made a plan.

  • The Digipak needs finalising, all we need is an image of a swing form the front and back then we can get finishing our digipak. Tom will be mainly working on this. 
  • After a few drafts for the magazine ad we need to create a final version, I have a good idea of what I want it to look like and will hopefully have it done by the end of next week. 
(All research for the digipak and magazine ads has been done, it is just a matter of finishing them off)

  • We need to shoot one more scenario showing more conflict between the couple on screen. 
  • Do a rough cut on final cut, not just iMovie, here  we can use cross fading shots etc.. 
Now we have got a plan I believe we can get all the work finished off. 

Thursday, 23 February 2012

GG - Attracting to our target audience

In the post I am going to look at hour,in our third rough cut, we have used locations, clothing, actions etc..  to help appeal to our primary target audience of 15-24. 

With the narrative being based around a relationship, it is around this age where romance starts playing a big role in someones life. People experience break-ups and can relate to the experience viewed on screen. This also helps us appeal to our secondary audience, females, through the use of a 'rom-com' like genre being used. One of the clothing codes we decided on was for the female to be wearing a red jacket in the first scenario. After playing around with colouring and layering whilst editing, I managed to make the jacket significantly stand out. The idea was to make it signify romance and love, thus further linking it to our secondary audience.

We filming both our actors, I asked them to act as if I wasn't there, then I went around filming them from a range of different angles. This makes the shots more believable, as if they are closely connected to one another.  

We used two actors for the narrative within this age gap, although as you can see we try to avoid showing to much of them on screen to help create a narrative enigma. 

Overall, I believe that we have managed to attracting our target audience well. There is still work that needs to be done whilst editing but after that I believe our main/primary target audience will be ableto ralte closely to the video. 

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

TW - Magazine Ad - Plans

For our magazine advert, we have decided to incorporate some of our plans for our digipak, which is using the image of the swing, as this shot can be very distinctive, eye catching and unusual, which would meet a trend of distinctive images used in alternative genre music advertisements. (see Arctic Monkeys and Hard Fi early analysis).

The swing would be in an environment highlighted in my Replica blog post, and would be the only thing on the advertisement, except for band name, album title and possibly an 'includes' sticker/snippet in order to give the album more of a selling point. It would also include the production logos and copyright logos in a corner so they don't attract too much attention but are still visible in the advertisement.

TW - Filming

We managed to film everything we needed on Monday 20th February to have a new rough cut available for audience feedback. We expect the rough cut to be completed soon and screened for feedback approximately on Thursday.

Sunday, 19 February 2012

TW - Filming Schedule - Update

We plan to film on Monday 20th February. This is because during the holiday all of the group and cast could not film at the same time, so this was the only day we could do. We hope to get everything filmed for a full rough cut and possibly the final cut itself.

Saturday, 18 February 2012

TW - Magazine Ad Analysis 2 - Hard Fi

This magazine ad is for Hard Fi's album, entitled Once Upon A Time In The West. The album was released almost 5 years ago, therefore is a fairly recent advertisement, and will likely use conventions that are still true to the alternative genre of advertisements.

This advertisement is especially helpful because it has one central drawing point, much like our planned advertisement. The drawing point for this particular ad is the use of a commonly used statement on the internet when an image is unable to load, except it would simply say 'Image Not Available'. This is a reflection of the advancement of media and technology in our society, especially the use of the internet, where that sentence can be found.

Below the simple yet attracting statement, is the band name, album title and release date, all in black, which is contrast to the white colour of the main sentence. These words are in lower font, and centered, similar to the main sentence.
Underneath this they have in a less bold font, a popular track they have released as a selling point for people who appreciate their music, and further below that, there is a web link to the band's website, integrating other aspects of internet advancements, with the production company logo in the bottom right, to make it visible, yet less eye catching than the desired aspects of the advertisement.

Friday, 10 February 2012

TW - Replica Location Shots

These photos bear a strong resemblance to the type of environment and frame we would like to capture for our magazine ads and digipak. The only exception is that we may not take the shot from tis particular angle, and we may also tweak the range of the shot, as it could be considered a little to close, and too much is focus is on the swing, not on the environment behind, which is what we also want to incorporate.

GG - Filming plan

Me and Tom have decided to re-shoot our narrative storyline on Monday 13th Feb. Because this is during half term we will be able to shoot all day giving us plenty of time to perfect our chosen shots. We will then have all week to edit it on imovie then bring it into school on wednesday or thursday to finish off the editing on final cut. We hope that we will finish all of our filming during half term and then we can hopefully have a near to finished product.

Here is a link to a blog post of what we are going to film:

TW - Schedule For Half Term

For half term we plan to film more narrative footage and have a new rough cut to show either on the Wednesday or Thursday of the holidays, or when we return to school after the week off.

Simliar shot to what we are aiming for
We are also looking to take shots of what we hope to be the front and back cover of our digipak, and also the backdrop to some of our magazine ads. The setting is a desolate area, most likely in black and white, with a single swing, possibly with a rural environment behind it. As you can see, this is the type of shot we will be looking for, except we will take it from a range of angles in order to gain the best perspective and framing for our work.

Thursday, 9 February 2012

TW - Digipak- Booklet 3 Shot

A possible idea we are thinking about for the digipak booklet is to merge shots within shots, so that each band member has essentially one photo dedicated to them in which they are performing and posing. This can be done by cropping them out of other photos, and simply reducing the opacity of the image, so they appear transparent when seen in the final image.

Using photoshop to crop the images out

Possible outcome for booklet photo

GG - Digipak work

Here are some images I have done for our digipak. We plan to put them into photoshop and then using the 'opacity' tool put each member of the bands face over the instrument they play. 

GG - Magazine Ad - The Swing Movement (Practice)

Here is one of my practice attempts at making a magazine ad. I completed it on word put plan to do the final one of photoshop.

GG - Final digipak idea

After plenty of planning and research I have decided on a final idea for our digipak. We show use of ICT skills and links to our genre.

We have decided to have to outer and two inner panels. On the inner panels we are having a disk tray with an image behind it on one side, and a sleeve with a booklet in it on the other.

For both our front outside panel we have decided to have an image of a person sat on a swing in a derelict area. We will then apply a blurred image effect with 5 different layers. (See image) We will also have the band name and album name on the front.

We plan to also have this on the back panel as well, although it will be a revered image from the back, we will include the same effect. We will include a list of songs, copyright proof and a record label image as well. With both of these images we will also play around with colour, putting in different tints of colour to add to the effect.

On the two inside panels we have decided to have four main images spread on the right hand side panel. These images will be of each band member, but we will play with the opacity and insert images of the instruments they play, and a face of the band member who plays the image. We will then have an inside sleeve which will have a jigsaw image on front with band information included inside the booklet. On the left hand side of the booklet we will have a disk holder with the CD, there will be a jigsaw image behind this.

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

TW - Digipak - Inner Panels - Draft Idea

Here is a draft idea of our plan for the inner panel of the digipak. It is only one of 4 instrument and band shots, however the draft simply shows a drum head, which we will use, and a bad member. The band member does not actually play the drums, he plays the guitar, however as this is only a draft, this is just to show initial ideas.

TW - Viral Ad Campaign

For our advertisement task, I decided to take a viral route for one of our ads, as viral marketing has become increasingly popular and it's use is now profound in today's media.
Initial draft
Our viral ad, uses a QR code that can be scanned from smart phones, and the scan will take you to a youtube link,  that shows the performance cut of the song, 'Jigsaw'. This is because the performance draft has been competed, so we can showcase it in it's entirety before we incorporate our narrative shots.

Designing the Ad, I decided to take a route opened up from the name of the song, and use a Jigsaw piece. I used a jigsaw puzzle template, then left some pieces that were needed as white, with the remaining pieces in black, seemingly not there. I then added the track title, and the band name, as you can see, over a black background, in white, so that it appeared white on black on white, in terms of layering. This however looked too basic, and was neither complex enough to be magazine ad, nor simple enough to be an interesting viral ad.

I then changed my idea, and used the one jigsaw piece, and instead of any words, i placed simply the QR code in the jigsaw piece, with the black background highlighting the white jigsaw piece.

The jigsaw track name remains, and the QR code provides people to instantly scan, as the ad is very hard to depict without using it. The basic black and white colour scheme draws the eye, and if needed, the background could even change to other colours, and perhaps have the same shot 4 times in a window style.

Completed viral ad

Monday, 30 January 2012

TW - Storyboard

This is our storyboard for our video, which is what we aim to replicate in terms of how shots are ordered. The narrative has since changed but this was the plan for the original idea. It will be composed into an animatic tomorrow.

TW - New Narrative Plan

As we have received critical feedback to our narrative aspect, I have now devised a new story-line that sees the plot enhanced. We now plan to use 4 small scenes, not 2 which means obviously there is now more of a story to tell.

The 1st sequence is the couple on a walk, enjoying each others company, there can be fade-type cutting used of them walking to being sat on a bench, showing time has elapsed yet still filming in exactly the same frame. The couple can also be feeding ducks as this is common around ilkley river, which is a location we are likely to use.

The second sequence will be the couple sat on the sofa, watching TV, in a sped up shot of them just sat there together in each other's company. The sped up shot allows us to show how much time has gone by with them just sat together. This shot will be cross cut with a transparent view of the couple arguing, and the camera circling them with fast paced shots. This shows that not everything is ok in the relationship and provides some narrative in the sense the audience has doubts about if the relationship will work out.

In the 3rd scenario we see them both moping around, unhappily and the possible use of drinking to connote depression, along with the gloomy setting. The male lead will try to call the girl in an attempt to sort things out after their fight, but she will read the caller ID and decide to not answer and simply let it ring.

All of the scenarios will begin with the original idea of the male lead looking at the particular scenario in a photo album, with the picture leading into the scene. The 4th scene begins like this, in which it gives us another happy time with the couple, possibly in a different colour scheme as the other scenarios to show that it was further back in the past, before the fight.
The shot will then fade back out into the view of him looking at the photo, and he will then put it in his pocket, and slam the photo album shut, possibly even dropping it to the floor with some of the photos dropping out. He then runs outside, and the narrative will end with the same shot we used in the rough cut, where the male runs up to the girl he was searching for, and it is narrative enigma whether they reconcile or not.

Some feedback to this idea was given by my media teacher, in which he suggested possibly including someone taking a photo of the couple, which could be used extremely well in the 4th scenario, as in a reverse of what happens previously, when the couple has had their photo taken, it reverts to him looking at that picture, which is a different spin on what we were going to do.
He also suggested maybe stamping on some of the images in the photo album, to highlight the male's anger to the situation.

Friday, 27 January 2012

GG- The Swing Movement (A brief history

The band formed in 2004 from the Yorkshire town 'Ilkley'. They are a four piece indie/alternative band with their own distinctive sound of powerful drum beats and strong bass lines. The four members: Ben Walker (Guitar and Vocals), Patrick Wanzala-Ryan (Guitar) , Joe Gamble (Bass) and Kieran Borrett (Drums).
In there short time of being together the band have managed to play at Leeds Festival, The Cockpit, The Love Apple and many more big venues and festivals, including preforming at a festival in Belgium. They have been signed to Long Island studios in London, who work with such bands as Wild Beasts. Here they created there first album 'Bottom of The Barrel' which they plan to re-record due to the creation of new songs. 'To The Bone' is one of their songs which has been released on itunes and had 100's of purchases in the first week. You can also find them on Spotify. There song 'Jigsaw', which we have selected to use, has been played on Radio1 with one guest saying "this is the best song we have received all week".

They are an up and coming young band who have suffered from the economical fall in the music industry. They are just waiting for the right recorded label to come along and hoping to kick start what should be a very successful career for them all.

Thursday, 26 January 2012

TW - Rough Cut Feedback And Analysis

After screening our first rough cut that uses BOTH performance and narrative footage, we received feedback that in short told us we needed to completely re-think the narrative shots, and try to change the performance footage.

We are however unable to tweak the performance footage, only change shots due to what footage we shot, but have not used.

Therefore, we are going to try and intertwine focus shots (focus out at the end of one shot, to the go back into focus and it is the next shot). This can be used when switching shots of the performer's, or even when changing from a performance shot to a narrative shot, if we shoot the narrative footage in accordance with focus levels.

Another problem is that there was too much movement and rotation in our performance footage, which needs to be both edited out and rectified, this can be changed by trimming some clips down, or even just replacing them. Also, the rough cut we showed had less narrative in than we planned so there was more performance footage that we intend to remove. Hopefully when we re-shoot the narrative footage, we will have more to put into the final cut and this will strengthen the video.

The narrative shots were not very well received as it was said that it was quite weak, with several major issues, so we plan a major overhaul in that area.

TW - Magazine Ad Analysis 1 - Artic Monkeys - Humbug Ad

I have chosen to analyze this advert as it is by The Artic Monkeys, which is one of the bands that George and I have taken influence from, with George even analyzing one of their digipak's for our research.

The band is very much alternative rock, with a hint of indie and other genres. It would be fair to say that rock is the wider aspect of their music, but when narrowed down it does fall into the alternative category. This particular advertisement has been featured across Europe for their album Humbug, and was created by DebutArt.

As you can see, the advert is quite bold and vivid in it's colour scene, although it does have a washed type feature to it which causes it to lose some of the vibrance and make the colours seem less eccentric.
The background is orange, and is fading from top to bottom. This is met by the colours of the words used on the ad, as 'Humbug', is most clear in colour, whilst '24 August 2009' is faded and is closer matched to the colour of the background, due to the fade effect.
The middle of the ad shows a band logo, possibly used exclusively for this album, and has the band name stenciled into the middle. The logo appears to be 2 faces, back to back, joined by what could be their hair, or a representation of collaborative minds in relation to creating the album.

The fact that the band name is used in a stencil effect, attracts attention to both the logo and the band name immediately, causing the reader to read the rest of the info, which is only small pieces of information, likely to remain in the audience's mind so they remember the advert and the info easily.

Whilst this magazine ad is fairly simple, it does the job and could be modeled or replicated if we chose to complete 2 magazine ads, this being used as influence on the more simple of the 2 ads we would create.

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

TW - The Swing Movement - A Brief History

The band, formed in 2004, began with around 20 members all jamming and having a good time. From the 20, 4 of the members, Ben Walker (guitar and vocals), Patrick Wanzala-Ryan(guitar), Joe Gamble (bass) and Kieran Borrett (drums) moved on and formed The Swing Movement.

They have progressed since then and performed at many local venues, with one song, To The Bone available to download on itunes, not to mention featuring on many renowned music applications such as spotify and

They also have twitter, a fan page on facebook and an official myspace page to work with, and whilst they are still young, they have a lot of potential to be the newest big hit in the alternative/indie scene. - This blog has some extra info on The Swing Movement including release dates amongst other pieces.

GG - Music Video has been a success!

Since I shot and edited our first sample scene for our performance footage it has been a big hit. Previous managers and record labels have seen the video and been in contact with the band. This shows the power of youtube, also after receiving over 250 views in a week. The video has also been used to enter the band into a competition to win a chance to support for Graham Coxon on his British tour this April. The video was placed onto his website and you can now vote to give 'The Swing Movement' a chance to perform in Gateshead. It can be seen and done on the following website:

This video is only sample performance footage and we plan to add a love affair narrative to the performance. When all of this is shot we shall give the video to 'The Swing Movement' to help them keep on progressing in the music industry.

The video has been placed below:

Wednesday, 18 January 2012

TW - Digipak/Magazine Ad Jigsaw Idea

After thinking of ideas to incorporate into our digipak, George and I found that incorporating a jigsaw puzzle would be a good idea to use on one of digipak panels. This is because the song title is 'Jigsaw' thus gives us clear opportunity to utilise a marketing aspect, which would be using either jigsaw pieces, or some aspect of a puzzle in our ads and digipaks.

Image 1 - This is the template we found online
To get to the idea, we began with a blank template that we found online.

Once we had downloaded the template, we then proceeded to trace round it in order to layer the image. We did this in adobe flash.

Once we had traced the image, we saved it to look like it did in image 3.

After importing the traced version into photoshop, we then proceeded to layer each jigsaw piece, and then devised a DRAFT colour scheme. As seen, it was red/burgundy, black and white, which are basic colours, that are not too eccentric.

Image 2 - Tracing over the template 
Image 3 - Final trace

Using the red, black and white, we coloured in each jigsaw piece to show what he hope the final image might look like, before we edit it into a grainy effect to add an element of the jigsaw piece having been used previously, despite still fitting together.

As can be seen in Image 4, this is draft image, and not only does the editing need to be finalised, but we also need to add 'The Swing Movement' in, possibly a band picture, and also other aspects such as track listings, or an eye catching line, in order to maximise audience interest.
Finalised Image - Image 4