Thursday, 3 May 2012

Evaluation Question 3

What Have You Learned From Your Audience Feedback?

What audience feedback we recieved:
  • 3 full rough cut screenings with feedback afterward
  • Full performance cut of our video
  • Submission into music competition
  • Twitter followers
  • QR code views
  • Blog hits and polls
The feedback we recieved was always in relation to our target audience. This is both primary and secondary audience, to which ours was aged 15-24 males and aged 15-24 females respectively. If we met the criteria and feedback we recieved from our peers, which are in these target groups, then we would have obviously made an appealing product, although it is essential to make the product accessible to a wider range of people and not solely for your target groups.

In our case, the music and the performance was an attracive selling point for the males, whilst the romantic narrative was a key drawing point for the females. One clothing change we made in relation to this was to make the girl wear a red jacket in the happy scenes, to signify love and romance, thus attracting an appeal from an audience that enjoy aspects of the romantic genre.

For our rough cuts the feedback we recieved was mostly positive and only minor changes were decided to be needed. Clothing changes such as shoes and coats were changed, especially on the male character, whilst other feedback on performance footage being shot on the side also taken into consideration. It helped that the most of our feedback was given by fellow 6th form students, making the feedback even more important as it was from both our primary and secondary audiences, so the product is relatable. Several youtube users also gave their opinions which helped us gain feedback from a wider community.

George also had the initiative to enter the video in a music video competition, to which the video won, allowing us to see that our work had been a success. This allowed us to gain feedback from people in the industry, and the fact that they chose it as a winner shows our work has been recognised and praised by these people. These people are also likely to be members of our wider audience and not in our primary and secondary audiences, so again it was useful to see that the product has been a success in these more diverse parts of our audience.

We made a twitter account for our production company, which was a success and we gained a few followers. This gave production updates and people could tweet to the account to see any progress updates or other important news, they could also send feedback here, showcasing the use of social media integration.

The QR code also played a major part in our feedback as it directed people to the performance footage, so people could leave us feedback on the youtube page.

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