Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Jamiroquai - Virtual Insanity

I am not familiar with this artist, however this video was shown to me by a friend and it is a good example of long takes, with only around 4-5 shots used in the whole video, with a wide angle lens. The video uses a pan down to the floor to switch locations for the shot, making the take continuous. There are several props used, including cockroaches, black and white outfits, that contrast the permanent white background, and sofas that are mysteriously moving trying to harm the lead singer. The length of the shot ranges from extreme long (which is an establishing shot) and a close up which incorporates mode of address. A crow also features at times and this is another way of switching locations, as the camera pans up to focus the shot on it, then pans back down to a new locations. The sofas moving, with him appearing to be in control suggests that he is losing his sanity, and can move things with his mind, which would fit the songs title. Also the white outfits are clearly patients/straightjacket uniforms, while some of the locations resemble a mental patient's cell. The video as a whole is fairly slow paced with no real narrative, focusing on the lead singer, and this fits the song as it is more of a dance, relaxed track, not one that can have too clear of a narrative.

16—Virtual Insanity from Tres Zapotes on Vimeo.

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