Sunday, 11 September 2011

Tyler, The Creator - Yonkers

Tyler, The Creator is the stage name for Tyler Okonma, a recording artist from Los Angeles, and is the lead artist in a hip hop collaboration group known as OFWGKTA. His music career took lift in 2009 with his first album, entitled Bastard, whilst he is now currently working on a second album named Goblin. His work has come under scrutiny due to his excessive use of profanities and derogatory lyrics, although he claims to be under the bravado of, 'If it offends you, it offends you.'

The video begins with 2 quick shots of a website link,, and his album name, Goblin. It then quickly cuts to a shot of a young man emulating the pose of, Rodin The Thinker. The shot is in black and white, and is in a mid long shot. These features maintain throughout the majority of the video, excluding several zooms to close ups and mid shots, whilst focusing the camera both in and out to add a blur effect, almost in time with the music. The shot allows Tyler to remain as the central focus in the music video, whilst incorporating props such as a stool, a noose, and a cockroach. At 2:00, he throws his shirt at the camera, allowing the only cut of the video, which is noticeable but still quite subtle. In the next shot, of almost the exact same angle with only slight movement of camera noticed, his pupils are shown to have fulfil his whole eye, possibly indicating he is going insane or something is not right, this shot is ultimately before he hangs himself, at 2:33, after a noose is dropped down at 2:27.This supports the assumption that all is not right with Tyler's state of mind, and a further give away that he is not OK is at 0:55, when he is shown being sick on camera, in a mid long shot, after eating the cockroach he is seen with at 0:22.

Tyler is shown to be lip syncing to the song throughout the video which is a key convention, yet breaks the sync at times, such as 1:16, where he spits on the floor before resuming the lip syncing. Also, the added feature of changing the focus on the camera to blur the shot does in a way fit the music, in the sense of it changing from focus to a brief out of focus shot, almost every 3seconds, although at times it is only the dead centre of the shot that remains completely in focus. There is no 'male gaze' factor in this video in order to attract audience, and also the narrative is unclear, the only clear thing is that as it appears that Tyler gets more insane during the music video, eventually rendering him suicidal at the very end.

The director for this video was Wolf Haley, and it was filmed by Luis Panch Perez.

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