Wednesday, 18 January 2012

TW - Digipak/Magazine Ad Jigsaw Idea

After thinking of ideas to incorporate into our digipak, George and I found that incorporating a jigsaw puzzle would be a good idea to use on one of digipak panels. This is because the song title is 'Jigsaw' thus gives us clear opportunity to utilise a marketing aspect, which would be using either jigsaw pieces, or some aspect of a puzzle in our ads and digipaks.

Image 1 - This is the template we found online
To get to the idea, we began with a blank template that we found online.

Once we had downloaded the template, we then proceeded to trace round it in order to layer the image. We did this in adobe flash.

Once we had traced the image, we saved it to look like it did in image 3.

After importing the traced version into photoshop, we then proceeded to layer each jigsaw piece, and then devised a DRAFT colour scheme. As seen, it was red/burgundy, black and white, which are basic colours, that are not too eccentric.

Image 2 - Tracing over the template 
Image 3 - Final trace

Using the red, black and white, we coloured in each jigsaw piece to show what he hope the final image might look like, before we edit it into a grainy effect to add an element of the jigsaw piece having been used previously, despite still fitting together.

As can be seen in Image 4, this is draft image, and not only does the editing need to be finalised, but we also need to add 'The Swing Movement' in, possibly a band picture, and also other aspects such as track listings, or an eye catching line, in order to maximise audience interest.
Finalised Image - Image 4

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  1. there's been repeated feedback about not using this on the external panels, but not reflected here?
    have you just changed your blog? you need to rename this one to follow the A2Vid2012-TomW name - and your link thru the company blog is of course now defunct
    email me when done - i'm clicking to follow you but you're not appearing


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