Tuesday, 10 January 2012

TW - Digipak Analysis 6 - Rammstein - Made In Germany - Genre Rock

Although Rammstein fall into the Rock genre, and are considerably a heavier band that The Swing Movement, their digipak for this particular album can be used as it could be applied to any genre, it is simple yet effective, and differs from many takes in which shots of the whole band are used as a shot for simply one panel.

Title is at the top of the cover, in gold.
White background, with a band member painted fully white from head to neck, there are no parts of him that are not colored, he is in close up.

The back uses the same clear white background, the back of the band member's head can be seen. Song title are situated where his hear should be, on the back of his head.
A gold barcode and credits are at the base of the neck.
Ears are red, possibly where the band member has had piercings previously.

Inner Panel
White background.
Other band member in close up, same shot as before with the member being pained fully white.

Middle Panel
Total of 6 panels, which is double the amount of panels in a usual digipak, suggesting this could be a special edition.
All the panels are the same, either having a band member in close up shot from the front or the back.
All of their necks have crosses on them, as well as stars and dates, possibly birth dates.
The use of white on a white background is effective and offers a different take on the usually heavy coloured backgrounds seen in other digipaks.

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