Wednesday, 4 January 2012

TW - Planned Schedule Until February

Tuesday 3rd January - Monday 9th January

  • Have the blog up to date by Monday 9th.
  • Begin research into digipaks and what aims we have for our custom one.
  • Begin magazine ad research.
  • Complete the animatic storyboard by scanning it in and posting it on the blog.
  • Show completed performance footage and draft narrative footage for audience feedback then blog on it.
  • 7th Podcast and 1st vodcast.
Monday 9th January - Monday 16th January
  • Film narrative footage, and have cast finalised prior to this (1-2 members are required and as they are teenagers, we have a wide range of people to choose from).
  • Design first draft digipak.
  • 8th and 9th podcasts and 2nd vodcast.
  • Begin deconstructing music videos in the same genre as our chosen track, in order to make sure we are adhering or conforming to the codes and conventions of this genre's music videos.
Monday 16th January - Monday 23rd January
  • Design first draft of magazine advertisement.
  • Mantain that the blog is up to date.
  • Using the audience feedback, shoot more narrative footage for the video, in order to improve it.
  • Finalise research into all 3 parts of the coursework, and start composing final pieces to be submitted.
  • 3rd vodcast to be recorded.
Monday 23rd january - Monday 30th January
  • Have the rough cut for the music video given feedback and this feedback will be used to compose the final cut.
  • Use feedback for digipak and magazine ad drafts to improve final products.

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