Monday, 30 January 2012

TW - New Narrative Plan

As we have received critical feedback to our narrative aspect, I have now devised a new story-line that sees the plot enhanced. We now plan to use 4 small scenes, not 2 which means obviously there is now more of a story to tell.

The 1st sequence is the couple on a walk, enjoying each others company, there can be fade-type cutting used of them walking to being sat on a bench, showing time has elapsed yet still filming in exactly the same frame. The couple can also be feeding ducks as this is common around ilkley river, which is a location we are likely to use.

The second sequence will be the couple sat on the sofa, watching TV, in a sped up shot of them just sat there together in each other's company. The sped up shot allows us to show how much time has gone by with them just sat together. This shot will be cross cut with a transparent view of the couple arguing, and the camera circling them with fast paced shots. This shows that not everything is ok in the relationship and provides some narrative in the sense the audience has doubts about if the relationship will work out.

In the 3rd scenario we see them both moping around, unhappily and the possible use of drinking to connote depression, along with the gloomy setting. The male lead will try to call the girl in an attempt to sort things out after their fight, but she will read the caller ID and decide to not answer and simply let it ring.

All of the scenarios will begin with the original idea of the male lead looking at the particular scenario in a photo album, with the picture leading into the scene. The 4th scene begins like this, in which it gives us another happy time with the couple, possibly in a different colour scheme as the other scenarios to show that it was further back in the past, before the fight.
The shot will then fade back out into the view of him looking at the photo, and he will then put it in his pocket, and slam the photo album shut, possibly even dropping it to the floor with some of the photos dropping out. He then runs outside, and the narrative will end with the same shot we used in the rough cut, where the male runs up to the girl he was searching for, and it is narrative enigma whether they reconcile or not.

Some feedback to this idea was given by my media teacher, in which he suggested possibly including someone taking a photo of the couple, which could be used extremely well in the 4th scenario, as in a reverse of what happens previously, when the couple has had their photo taken, it reverts to him looking at that picture, which is a different spin on what we were going to do.
He also suggested maybe stamping on some of the images in the photo album, to highlight the male's anger to the situation.

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