Thursday, 9 February 2012

GG - Final digipak idea

After plenty of planning and research I have decided on a final idea for our digipak. We show use of ICT skills and links to our genre.

We have decided to have to outer and two inner panels. On the inner panels we are having a disk tray with an image behind it on one side, and a sleeve with a booklet in it on the other.

For both our front outside panel we have decided to have an image of a person sat on a swing in a derelict area. We will then apply a blurred image effect with 5 different layers. (See image) We will also have the band name and album name on the front.

We plan to also have this on the back panel as well, although it will be a revered image from the back, we will include the same effect. We will include a list of songs, copyright proof and a record label image as well. With both of these images we will also play around with colour, putting in different tints of colour to add to the effect.

On the two inside panels we have decided to have four main images spread on the right hand side panel. These images will be of each band member, but we will play with the opacity and insert images of the instruments they play, and a face of the band member who plays the image. We will then have an inside sleeve which will have a jigsaw image on front with band information included inside the booklet. On the left hand side of the booklet we will have a disk holder with the CD, there will be a jigsaw image behind this.

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