Sunday, 25 September 2011

Media Pitch

I recently pitched an idea for our media group to make a music video for Martin Solveig's Hello. My pitch included the idea of having no real narrative and just basically having close ups of people dancing around, lip syncing, which proved a hit in last year's production. This idea was later changed to a copied narrative to the video, with almost the same storyline, except the character, 'she' , amongst others was 'dragged up' and played by me, a male. I later relinquished directorial duties for this video due to other commitments, however I did manage Also, the tennis match was tweaked to be a doubles match, with a 2v2 mixed doubles, however one player was also 'dragged up' for the white team.
My secondary role comprised of being a ball boy, as the original cast member was designated the duty of cameraman.
We shot the video 2 days after the pitch and it will be uploaded shortly prior to editing, as will my original pitch itself, however, here is the original video below

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