Thursday, 3 May 2012

Evaluation Question 2

How Effective Is The Combination Of Your Main Products And Ancillary Texts?

What ancillary texts we used:

  • QR code - scanner for smartphones which links to a performance cut of the music video
  • Viral Advertisement, with the QR code on - provides audience intrigue and interest
  • Magazine AD
  • Digipak
  • Music Vid - main product
  • Blog
  • Twitter Account
We believe the QR code and viral advertisements were effective as they added a lot of enigma and intrigue to our products, with the barcode scan being a focal point for us. This is an example of social media integration as it interacts the audience, and the fact that the viral advertisement, as seen in my evaluation video, is lacking any real text or info on, the barcode should provide our audience with reason to scan and find out more.

The digipak was a key ancillary text for us as not only was it a sub project for the whole task, but it was essentially what the magazine ad was promoting, so it was very important. The cover can be seen on the magazine ad, as well as the cover linking to the ad itself therefore giving the audience a greater opportunity to recognise and relate all the products together. The microphone shot we have used for inside panels is very similar to shots seen in the video, aside from the editing to the image for the panels, and this is again a recognisable thing for the audience to see, not to mention the band being edited into this. One other aspect of recognisability is the track listings, in which the audience can see not only the bonus music video content but other songs, and they may recognise these pieces, encouraging to purchase the product.
Back Cover
Front Cover


For our magazine ad, we used a very similar shot to the digipak, thus relating the products so the audience can remember these as a set of products promoting the same thing. There is a QR code seen on both products which again connects us into today's social media.

The blog both samples and promotes our work, whilst also updating our audience on news about our products. They can find inspirations for our work, feedback for our work and answer polls. This helps us interact with the audience, and we can also give excessive info on all our products and ancillary texts used. The twitter feed is another way to interact with the audience and promote our products and ancillary texts.

The music video itself is heavily connected to the ancillary texts, to begin with we have based the idea for both the digipak and the magazine ad around the band's name, highlighting the 'Swing' part of 'The Swing Movement'. We played on this and initially intended to have myself on the swing due to my role in the music video, which would have made a lot more sense to the audience. However, due to other commitments we were running out of time and George had to step in and take the place, although we tried to make the images, for the magazine ad at least, give the impression that it could be a member of the band or be a generic character that can be related to, with him sat on a swing conveying he is thinking and is at the 'Bottom Of The Barrel'

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