Monday, 16 April 2012

GG - Change in narrative

After receiving our audience feedback we have decided to add two more scenario's to our music video. This will bring the overall to five, plus performance. The idea is to have 3 of the 5 scenario's to end in an argument, and 2 to end well. We are going to keep the original three, but film two more.

Our idea is to have the couple walking beside a river hand in hand, they will also feed the ducks etc.. This will be happy memory. Our second new idea is for them both to be having a meal together, for the females birthday. This will build up to an argument after the female glances at the males phone as he is texting someone.

Instead of having all the memory's coming from the photos, we have decided to use objects in the room to create the memory. For example, a birthday card which leads to the memory of the birthday meal. The card will be in a bin, then we will cross cut to the memory.

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