Tuesday, 6 December 2011

GG - Music Video Idea/1 - Fatboy Slim (Right here, Right now)

My final and probably most likely new idea would be to the song Right here, Right now. My idea would be to have both performance and narrative, the performance would consist of 1/3rd of the music video.

I took inspiration from the music video by Coldplay on their new song 'Paradise'. We would have series of scenarios of a singular figure travelling throughout the Yorkshire country-side, (this would be cut with the performance as well). Firstly, the male would be travelling along in a car, the car then runs out of petrol just outside a bike shop. He then goes in a buys a second hand old bike, after further travelling along more country-side he gets a flat tyre. He then spots an old skateboard in a farm yard and so on. He finally reaches a river were he ditches the skateboard to cross the river, he then continues his travels on foot. Finally he reaches his destination of where the band, who are playing the performance aspect, are practising. We then see the meaning of the video, the main character kicks the drummer off playing the instrument and plays them himself showing he will not be replaced in the band.

The filming will consist of a huge range of short taken shots, I have lots of ideas and plan to do some practice footage of the narrative very soon.

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