Sunday, 9 October 2011

Fatboy Slim - Other Successful Hits

Fatboy Slim has seen a huge amount of success, and one of those hits is Praise You which my group member George Gamble is choosing to pitch for his project. The song reached number 1 in the UK charts and Spike Jonze both starred (under a false name) and directed this video. The accompanying music video is shot outside a cinema as Jonze and a group of people dance to the song, whilst passers by have no clue what is going on and are unaware that they are being filmed. This style is known as 'Guerilla' shooting as they do not have permission from the passers by to film them, nor do they know it is even taking place.

On a totally different slant, George has undergone creating some practice footage as can be seen below, I am unaware of his full idea but he has gone for a concept idea that focuses on the lyrics 'Praise You' as church footage can be seen.

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