Friday, 14 October 2011

Marking A Final Cut - We Are The Ocean - Confessions by Mary and Lucy

For my production task, I was assigned to mark Mary and Lucy's final cut of We Are The Ocean - Confessions which was submitted to this year's Bradford Media Film Festival and was also included in the IGS dvd of A2 videos at the end of the year. Here is my assessment of their video:

Steady Shot

I awarded Mary and Lucy Excellent for this particular category as although the majority of their video is not appropriate for steady shots, they have met the criteria by adding steady shots in when possible (most namely at when the track is at a slow place) and this is when most appropriate for how their narrative of the video plays out.


I have also awarded excellent for this category as Mary and Lucy as they have kept everything needed for the video central to the shot (allowing for the shaky camera movement at stages) thus maintaining clear framing work.

Shot Distance Variety

Again, I have awarded excellent as the video has a great shot variety, ranging from ECU to a ELS (after a zoom out). It is also in good balance in reference to meeting the track pace, and have also used a range of angles.

Appropriate Material

I have awarded Proficient/Excellent for this category as although they have cross cut with shots of performance, and have met their target audience,(I assume 15-24 due to character types and predicted age) I believe it can be argued that this is hard to relate to for every member of their core and secondary audience.

Mise-En Scene

Mary and Lucy have achieved excellent for this as they have used to extremely key props - the white dress and the backpack the girl can be seen using in shot for a good majority of the video. Aside from these key props, there are also posters in her room and household items in the shots needed for the argument the couple engage in at the house.


Again, they have achieved Excellent by achieving lots of cross cutting and quick cuts to meet the fast paced middle part of the track, and the editing has clearly met the pace of the track by displaying larger shots at slower paced parts of the song.

Transitions and Other Effects

Once again, I have awarded Excellent for his category as there can be seen to be fades at the beginning of the video between flash backs, and there is also sepia used to further highlight the time changes. There are also lots of angles and zooms, as well as cross cutting of the band.

Overall I have awarded 38/40 for this as aside from the relatability, it was a great final cut.

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  1. Good detail Tom. A little generous, but interesting comments.
    Think carefully about post titles: this seems to be YOUR final cut!!!! Its 'Marking a 2011 A2 production' is it not?!


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