Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Progress Report: What I Have Learnt So Far

  • Fish Eye Lens - This camera is very useful when trying to show things may be a bit out of the normal in the shot you are trying to film.
  • Snori Cam - This is perfect for movement shots to caption close ups that can highlight motion and emotion both together
  • Advanced Use Of Final Cut - I can now edit at a fast pace and can also easily add effects to the project
  • The three types of music video - Narrative, Concept and Performance, these can be fused together
  • From looking at the marks schemes and doing a marking asgnment of my own, I now know what is needed to be done to attain the highest marks and of what quality this work must be contiuned at.
  • How to create advanced SFX injuries by adding stitches to the 'wound'
  • I now have advanced knowledge on framing and what it means to the music video - this is key
  • I now understand the codes and conventions of a music video
  • Time management is important in editing etc
  • Planning is key to success for film schedule and also in written aspects such as storyboards and call sheets
3 things I would like to learn this year are:
  • Directors and their significant preferences when making a music video; some have a certain style
  • The process of making a complete digi-pak
  • How to keep an audience interested throughout a music video whilst maintaining the integral parts of your idea in the music video, or how to maintain a preferred reading when it can be open to interpretation

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