Thursday, 24 November 2011

TW - My Consumption Of Music Vids

My main access to music comes through spotify, so I do not get the music video with this music source. I do however frequently use youtube to watch new music videos and ones that I particularly enjoy. I would say I access this source specifically for music videos around every other day.

I am in the 15-24 age bracket so my music tastes are extremely varied, so I would say that there is no specific genre that I would not watch music videos from, although my favourite genres would be Alternative and what I would call 'Mainstream' music.

I have not bought any CDs purposefully for the music videos as I see them as a bonus on this format, If i intended to buy music videos on a DVD format, then I would want the music videos included as I believe that recently they have become more and more important in the music world, not to mention the increased costs of these products.

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