Thursday, 24 November 2011

TW - Further Ideas

After deciding to drop the 'Superman' idea we are now focusing on getting solid ideas down for several music videos, before narrowing it down to not only our favourite song choice, but the one with the best idea. This change has come due to audience feedback not being favourable, and a struggle to set a conceivable and story onto the music video, that the audience will understand.

Early ideas on this heavily include George's brothers band, 'The Swing Movement' and we will be looking at numerous songs by them, whilst also looking at other genres and ideas to bring to the table , in order to get a real variation of ideas and possibilities.

This choice should be completed by Monday, and along with the practice footage and vodcast we plan to shoot at the weekend, this should greatly further our progress in this task and put to bed any issues with plot or creation for our music vid.

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