Monday, 28 November 2011

TW - Idea 1

My first idea is Hunting For Witches by Bloc Party. Although this song had a music video made in 2007, in the year of release, the video is purely of performance. This would mean as long as our idea differs from this, the video will be completely different in every aspect.

My idea would be to have increasingly fast paced shots of a paranoid character from 0- 25 seconds as it meets the strangeness of the song opening. It can then be cross cut from black and white, to showcase the past, to colour as to how he has got to where he is, which is the paranoid feeling of being followed. The black and white would show the character watching the news, and seeing a report on 'witches' to meet the song lyrics. The cross cutting would see how he reacts to the report, and then shots of him trying to escape, and seeing people in hoods to be the 'witches'. The news report would meet the lyrics of 1:02. After the initial paranoia, the character would run to the loacation of the band playing (as performance shots would be included), and recruit them to go 'hunting' for the 'witches'. The final shots of the video would be of the group chasing the 'witches' into the woods, and the main character getting lost, he stumbles and as he turns he sees all of the hooded figures around him, indicating they will decide his fate.

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