Tuesday, 15 November 2011

TW - Narrative Difficulties/Audience Feedback

For our music video idea, we had planned to have a narrative, in short, that showed a man failing at everyday tasks, before he turned into superman and succeeded, until he meets a girl. This girl does not like him as superman but as the everyday guy, so he ditches the outfit and walks away with her, meeting the chorus 'I'm no superman'.

However after a conversation with our media teacher, the following question was put forward; 'Would we need to show how the change from normal to superhero originally came about?' Despite the explanation that the superhero parts are all fantasy and in the male characters head, it became clear that although we as the producers know that, the viewing audience may not. This answer was provided by Mel and Ellie, two fellow A2 Media students.

This has led us to come to the conclusion that we will be conducting practice shots ASAP so that we can test and see whether the video will be a success

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