Monday, 28 November 2011

GG - Music Video Idea/2 - The Clash (In Hammersmiths Palais)

The Clash originated in 1976 and emerged as a Punk Rock band, they were very popular during their time under the spot light.

My idea would be to have all footage in black and white, representing how old the song is. We would film in a rough area of a city or town, with the main characters dressed in quite old fashioned clothing, the 1980 puck look. The idea of the video would be four males searching around the derelict area, they all then come across some old instruments near a tip. They then gradually pick them up and start playing along to the song. Slowly a crowd gathers around them, and they start performing to an audience. At the end they all just put the interments down, everyone leaves and they continue with their routine before they found the instruments.

We would film in a rough run down area and all footage will be in black and white. We will use a range of shots to keep the audience guessing.

The Clash have made some very special and significant videos during their time, including the well received 'London Calling'video.

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