Wednesday, 6 July 2011

What We Have Done So Far For A2

So far in our A2 work, we have completed a quiz to show us an outline of the course, an introduction to the key software we will be using entitled Final Cut, which will help us edit our music videos, and also begun a preliminary task.

The quiz helped the group understand what we will be doing during this course, and even introduced us to important features we could incorporate into our video. One feature was the 'Fish-Eye lens' which displays the picture in a wide angle, broad panoramic view.

The software known as Final Cut, is a lot more intricate than the previous software, iMovie, which we used last year for our horror films. We are required to have a 20minute period with the technician, John Cockshaw who will show us how to work it. I am currently booked in awaiting the 20minute demo period and shall follow up the session with a blog post.

The preliminary task is to shoot a music video to one of three pre-selected tracks. Our group chose 'Too Many Broken Hearts' by Jason Donovan, however we are awaiting filming due to previous dates we set becoming inconvenient for the majority of the group/cast members. We are expecting to film by the end of the week at the utmost.

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