Monday, 18 July 2011

Inspirational Directors - Spike Jonze

Spike Jonze, born Adam Speigal, is an american director and producer who has seen successful work displayed in advertisements, music videos, film and also televison. He has collaborated with Charlie Kaufman to create the extremely well known, being John Malkovich and has also co-created and starred in Jackass. His music video filmography includes work with Kanye west, Weezer, The Beastie Boys, Fatboy Slim and most recently Arcade Fire. His work in music videos spans over 54 music videos in the space of 18 years from his last video (2010 - 'The Suburbs' - Arcade Fire) which is hugely impressive if you take into account the other work he has successfully completed in other aspects of producing in other areas of the media.

For more information visit: as it has a complete filmography of all his work and a hugely detailed overview of his career. 

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