Monday, 18 July 2011

Britney Vid

Our AS group are creating our own version of the Britney Spears video, 'Hit Me Baby One More Time' in which we will be lip syncing, dancing and filming throughout the day. We will also be making behind the scenes vodcasts to go with the final cut of the music video.

We will require a lengthy storyboard and call sheet containing shot info on all 162 separate shots of the original video, in order to maintain continuity with the original, and a choreographer, director and producer. We will also be splitting up into 4 different groups as trying to shoot the whole thing in one day is simply not going to be achievable. The four groups our filming shots seen in the corridor, car-park, gymnasium, and also school entrance grounds. My group (Me, Jem, Maddy, Connor, Becky, Katie and Ellie) are to be filming the corridor scenes. We will require a school type attire, and also some sports kit in case we are required as extras in the other scenes. We are scheduled to film on Tuesday 12th July and are aiming to get it completed all in the school day.

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