Monday, 18 July 2011

Britney Vid Update

W have completed filming, and are now editing our respective groups' final cuts and vodcasts for the behind the scenes footage. In my group, Becky was selected as Director, I was selected as Producer, and Connor as choreographer. For the first hour in the day we rehearsed our dancing scenes so we were prepared for the real shoot later in the day. We then had a short break before shooting the whole corridor scene from 12:00 -14:00 approximately, whilst throughout the day I was required as an extra in the School Entrance group.

In our group it was my task to create the call sheet, which I did by hand then copied for Becky, the director so we each had a copy. Connor managed to get a grip of the dance moves and managed to just about teach us them all extremely well, whilst the storyboard had previously been created in stages by each and every group member (in the whole day, not just the corridor group).

From 2pm-3pm, our group began to create the vodcast and began to edit our final cut.

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